Emirates Vs Etihad First Class Suite: Which Is Best? (2023)

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    Emirates has just launched a new Business Class Suite on its B777. Etihad already has one of the best First Class Suites in the world.

    Both airlines offer a much better First Class than most other airlines, but which should you choose for your next First Class flight?

    (Video) EMIRATES vs QATAR vs ETIHAD A380 First Class

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    When choosing between airlines, the big question is how they differentiate themselves in premium cabin class offerings, in their First Class seats and cabins.

    Emirates is based in Dubai, UAE, and Etihad Airways is based in Abu Dhabi, which can immediately affect your flight choice, as you may prefer to stay overnight in one of these destinations. If the hiatus doesn't affect your airline choice, I outline below which of these airlines is best for food, seat, service, lounge and pre- and post-flight deals.

    Emirates vs. Etihad First Class Cabin – Lounges

    If the layover is important to you, you may want to select your airline at the lounge offered in its respective airport hub. I have reviewed these below and in my opinion,is excellent. ThatConcourse A Emirates First Class Lounge i Dubai International Airportis also very good and reading my reviews you might prefer the sound of one over the other.

    Emirates vs. Etihad First Class Cabin - Which Is Best?

    Etihad's Airbus A380 & Dreamliner B787 have extremely elegant interiors and stunning private cabins in their First Class cabins, while Qatar's A380, B787 and A350 cabins are very smart with a red/white theme. Emirates has a slightly flashy interior with plenty of walnut trim, gold trim and pearlescent plastics. British Airways is classic and stylish and we like the classical music they play.

    On Emirates on the A380, First Class is located in the front upper deck. The cabin has 14 closed suites in a 1-2-1 configuration. All have direct pedestrian access. The 8 suites along the windows are divided into 4 rows, while the 6 middle suites are divided into 3 rows. All suites enjoy complete privacy as none of the rows are completely aligned, so no one looks directly into the suite from across the hall, even when you don't close the sliding doors to your suite.

    The A380 product is quite brilliant, but Emirates has toned down the glitz in its new B777 suites, designed to compete directly with the Etihad suites below, being enclosed units with complete privacy. The Boeing 777 will be launched in December and the layout will change from a 1-2-1 configuration down to 2 rows in a 1-1-1 configuration. Possibly my favorite feature is the virtual windows that will project the view from the outside of the plane onto the cabin wall using real-time cameras.

    On Etihad Airways, the First Class cabin is located on the front upper deck of the A380. The First Class cabin on Etihad's A380 is stylish, with two beautifully designed walls framing a small corridor leading to the front staircase and containing the apartments' sliding doors. The lighting patterns in the ceiling project Arabic mosaic-like figures onto the walls and floor, adding to the relaxing atmosphere.

    The Etihad Airways A380 First Class cabin is the industry's first ever cabin, and there are only nine First Apartments on the plane. There are 5 First Apartments on the right side of the cabin (with 2 toilets in front) while the left side has 4 First Apartments. This asymmetry is explained by the fact that the missing 5th First Apartment and toilets on the left side of the cabin have been replaced byThe home(with a private living room, separate en-suite shower room and a bedroom with a double bed). I have written a full review of my last flight inEtihad First Class Apartmentand have taken additional photos on another trip in Etihad First Class.

    (Video) A380 First Class Comparison Singapore Airlines VS Emirates VS Etihad

    In my humble opinion, Etihad is the best for ambience, space, looks and style. The Emirates cabin on the A380 is glitzy and full of gold and bright colors which is not to my taste, although you can't argue with the level of luxury that Emirates offers. Privacy and space are also better at Etihad. If you can get a flight on the new Emirates B777, then you will enjoy a similar level of privacy in these suites as those on Etihad. Still, it's worth noting that on Etihad, if you're traveling as a couple, you can lower a wall between the suites so you can share your experience with a partner. This is a major disadvantage when flying Emirates. You are very much alone in their new First suites.

    Emirates only plans to install the product on nine new Boeing 777-300ERs by the end of 2019. They intend to install the new product on the A380 currently offeringshowers on board as part of the First Class suiteand they have no clear plans to retrofit their existing 777 fleet, making the planned launch date rather irrelevant as the suite is only present on 4% of their fleet, so at least for now it's unlikely you'll experience that.

    Emirates vs. Etihad First Class seats – which are the best?

    Emirates First Class is configured with only four suites per row. The A380 First Class suites on the sides are ideal for solo travelers (with a generous 3 windows per seat offering great views). In contrast, the 6 suites in the middle are perfect for those traveling with a companion, as the partitions between these suites can be raised or lowered to give a sense of extra spaciousness.

    On the B777 we love these seats and suites for solo travellers, but if you're traveling as a couple or family you won't be able to share this suite experience with them as there are no retractable walls.

    Etihad has configured their cabin with only two First Class suites per row, which is clearly better. SeeEtihad seat map. The very comfortable reclining seat is equipped with a seat massage and a pneumatic cushion control system. The seat has two armrests: one holds the tray table, while the other houses the controls for the apartment and the entertainment system. At the touch of a button, you can change the stool position, raise or lower the blinds and control the light settings for a number of lamps in the apartment. Next to the seat, there is a minibar, stocked with a selection of premium beverages, as well as a cabinet that houses the noise-cancelling headsets.

    It is clear that two suites per row is much better than four, so once again Etihad wins for the best First Class suites.

    Emirates vs. Etihad for sleeping - which is best?

    On Emirates, at the push of a button, the seat automatically reclines into a fully flat bed 86 inches (218 cm) long with a fully extendable armrest. When you want to sleep, a cabin crew member installs a mattress, a soft pillow and a soft duvet.

    On the new Emirates B777 you get a huge amount of privacy, much more than the A380, as these suites are completely enclosed.

    Etihad creates a completely separate bed using a footstool in your suite, so the bed can be made without sacrificing your seat (see above). If you have a significant other traveling with you, certain rows of the First Class cabin allow you to lower the partition placed between the suites so that your head is next to your loved one's head. If you want a double bed, upgrade to The Residence by Etihad.

    (Video) The $20,000 Residence on Etihad A380

    Once again, Etihad wins on space and privacy for sleeping and the option of a double room. Clearly, an apartment will encourage more sleep than the option of sleeping in an open cabin offered by Qatar and BA, which come in 3rd and 4th respectively.

    Emirates vs. Etihad First Class Food – Which is Best?

    The food is delicious on all Middle Eastern carriers. Our best gastronomic experiences have been on Etihad, followed by Qatar Airways and then Emirates.

    Emirates and Etihad offer meals equivalent to a Michelin restaurant. Etihad has real chefs on board (recruited from Michelin restaurants around the world). The food is an exquisite seven-course tasting menu with amuse-bouche, granita and pre-dessert tasters. Available only to Etihad First Class customers, the Mezoon Grille menu features a range of premium products including beef, chicken, lamb and seafood, alongside a range of delicate sauces, sides and delicious desserts, all prepared to order. Everything is served on fine bone china, cutlery and crystal glasses. An example of just one meal choice I chose on Etihad is:

    • Amuse bouche
    • Middle Eastern Chicken Salad
    • Chickpea soup, with Arabic spiced ratatouille
    • Starter
    • Marinated prawns, with Quinoa and wake salad, and red pepper sauce
    • Grapefruit sorbet
    • Main course
    • US rib-eye steak with steamed green beans, creamy mashed potatoes and garlic and herb butter
    • Pre-dessert
    • Mini chocolate mousse
    • Dessert
    • Trio of berry and cinnamon frangipani, apricot cheesecake, with passion fruit meringue, chocolate mousse

    Emirates' First Class menu is comparatively extensive and you can order anything at any time. But the meals don't have the style or taste of that at Etihad. These were my lunch choices:

    • Canapes
    • Tartlet of marinated feta with aubergine caviar and schichmi
    • Foie gras on gingerbread with smoked salt
    • Arm salmon tempo sushi with herb crust
    • Starter
    • Caviar, presented with a traditional selection of finely chopped onion, grated egg, sour cream and lemon, served with melba toast and blinis
    • Pumpkin soup with croutons and sour cream
    • Main
    • Seafood harra, which is a traditional Middle Eastern dish of oven-baked prawns and fish in spicy tomato sauce, served with saffron rice
    • Dessert
    • Banana cheesecake with toffee sauce

    Emirates vs. Etihad First class showers on board – which is best?

    Both Emirates and Etihad have two showers in the front of their cabins on their A380s. In the all-important category of shower-to-passenger ratio, Emirates wins with one shower for every seven passengers, while Etihad only provides one shower for every nine passengers. I have written a completely separate article withEmirates sky shower pictures. There is very little to choose from in the shower rooms themselves, although Emirates' showers have a panoramic wallpaper view of the Dubai skyline on the walls. Volume per passenger is the key here, which is why Emirates wins.

    The reason there are fewer showers at Etihad is because they feel their passengers inThe homeneed their own shower.

    Emirates vs. Etihad vs. Qatar First Class Bar/Lounge – Which is the best?

    An onboard bar, exclusively available to passengers flying the premium cabins, is present on the Airbus A380 aircraft of Etihad, Emirates and Qatar, but not British Airways. Your chances of flying an Airbus A380 and thus socializing with other passengers in a fantastic onboard bar are greatest with Emirates, which has no less than 60 of these mega-aircraft in its fleet (Qatar Airways and Etihad own only 4 and 2 Airbus A380 respectively' is ).

    The Etihad bar is designated as "The Lobby", but even in first class you'll have to have your drinks refilled from the counter rather than having an onboard bartender serving you. If you prefer a more traditional bar experience, you'll find it at Emirates with extensive seating, mood lighting, a horseshoe-shaped bar and a real-life bartender.

    Emirates therefore wins and returns to the heyday of luxury air travel.

    (Video) WE PAID $72 FOR THIS FIRST CLASS SUITE (Etihad First Class Experience)

    Emirates vs. Etihad Premium Wine List and Bar Menu – Which is Best?

    Emirates and Etihad have free top shelf alcohol for over 18s. These include an extensive wine list and a large selection of spirits, spirits and champagne. All are served in proper crystal glasses.

    Both airlines offer extensive alcohol, but in terms of brand and cost, Emirates wins as it offers more drink options that break the $100 USD cap. bottle. They are also the only airline to serve Hennessy Paradis Cognac in first class, retailing at around $700 USD per bottle. All airlines offer a decent glass of champagne in First, but British Airways is notable for being cheaper on the wine list with very low quality wines that would cost around £10 – £15 GBP compared to say. Emirates, whose wines cost twice as much (so should probably be twice as nice).

    Emirates vs. Etihad premium entertainment and Wi-Fi – which is best?

    Both Etihad and Emirates First Class suites on the Airbus A380 have large screens with a wide selection of content.

    Etihad wins with a superior entertainment system, a screen that not only swivels back to let you watch TV in bed, but also has the ability to split screen with four different screens. In addition, it is possible to surf the web on Etihad. Emirates offers made Wi-Fi affordable for everyone – free for the first 10MB and just $1 USD for 500MB of data. Unfortunately, this means that the internet connection is practically unusable due to the number of passengers logged on.

    Emirates vs. Etihad First Class Amenity Kit – which is best?

    I have reviewedthe world's best airline amenity kitand in this list, Emirates comes in second, offering bespoke beauty treats from one of my favorite fragrances; Bulgaria. They also give you a scent. Emirates has also introduced a world firstfirst class moisturizing pajamasdesigned for airline use and to overcome dry air and thus give the passenger a better night's sleep.

    Etihad comes in lower at number 5 in my best first class amenity kits, and passengers get Christian Lacroix loungewear and toiletries from Hungarian skincare brand, Omorovicza. The amenity kit from Emirates is the most generous and therefore wins. I love a complimentary fragrance and their pajamas are cutting edge.


    Note:All benefits and upgrades are subject to availability and terms and conditions, please inquire for more information. Benefits offered are correct at time of writing but subject to change at supplier's discretion.Posts may be sponsoredof the holder or mark being assessed. All opinions remain our own and are in no way influenced.



    Emirates Vs Etihad First Class Suite: Which Is Best? ›

    Which is the best First Class Suite In The Sky, Emirates or Etihad? Etihad wins in five categories, and Emirates wins in four. Etihad has the better suite, seat, bed, entertainment, and food. Emirates has the better shower, onboard lounge, amenity kit, and alcohol.

    Is Etihad or Emirates more luxurious? ›

    Emirates Airlines, based in Dubai, is regarded by many as the most luxurious carrier in the world. Founded in 1985, it is also one of the largest airlines both by passengers carried and by revenue, as well as the largest operator of the Airbus A380 - the world's largest passenger airliner.

    Which is best Emirates or Etihad? ›

    At Emirates, it's much the same deal. Overall, there's little separating Etihad and Emirates when it comes to standard economy class seats. Perhaps Emirates has the edge because if you end up on the right 777, you might end up with 34" of pitch and 18" of width - not bad for an economy class seat.

    Why is Emirates first class so good? ›

    Flying first class on Emirates is one of the most exclusive experiences in the sky, and it has a sky-high price tag to boot. After all, suites with closing doors, unlimited caviar, bottomless Champagne, on-demand meals, moisturizing pajamas and even inflight showers come at a cost.

    Is first class or business class Emirates better? ›

    Emirates business class vs first class

    In first class, you get a private suite with closing doors, a flat-screen TV, a bed and chair, a shower spa, and access to the first-class lounges. In business class your seats are next to other passengers, so you don't get the same privacy.

    Which is best Emirates or Qatar or Etihad? ›

    Amenity kit: Emirates has by the far the best amenity kit of the three airlines, with Etihad offering the least impressive Business Class amenity kit. Unfortunately, Emirates only offers them on longhaul flights, while Etihad and Qatar Airways offer amenity kits on both medium- and longhaul flights.

    What is the difference between Etihad and Emirates? ›

    Emirates and Etihad are both flag carriers of the UAE, the small Gulf country made up of seven emirates. Emirates, established in 1985, is based in Dubai and is one of the world's largest airlines by most metrics. Etihad is newer, established in 2003 and based in Abu Dhabi.

    What are top 3 best airlines? ›

    Overall Rankings: The Best Airlines in the U.S.
    • Delta Air Lines.
    • Spirit Airlines.
    • SkyWest Airlines.
    • United Airlines.
    • Alaska Airlines.
    • Hawaiian Airlines.
    • JetBlue.
    • Envoy Air.
    Apr 20, 2023

    Is Emirates the nicest airline? ›

    Emirates celebrates a quadruple sweep at the 2023 Business Traveller Awards, captures top spot with Best Airline Worldwide.

    Which is the No 1 first class airline? ›

    Singapore Airlines wins award for the World's Best First Class Airline, also scooping the awards for the Best First Class Airline Seat and the Best First Class Onboard Catering.

    How much is Emirates first class suite? ›

    Emirates First Class price

    While the airfares changes depending on your destination country, prices can go as high as AED 36,700 (USD 10,000), even on one-way bookings. A one way booking from Dubai to New York stands at AED 38,700 (USD 10,500), while a flight to London will cost you AED 28,650 (USD 7,800).

    Can you keep Emirates first class pajamas? ›

    Some first-class flyers on luxury airlines may receive a set of pajamas to wear on their flight. As airlines cannot reuse these pajamas, these pajamas are yours to keep after the flight, according to David Adler, founder and CEO of The Travel Secret.

    Is there a dress code for Emirates business class? ›

    What to wear in Business Class. The general rule of thumb when it comes to the business class dress code for most is smart casual, so you can still get away with your comfy flying pants however thongs (flip-flops), beachwear or clothing with offensive images or slogans are not permitted.

    Does Emirates give Pyjamas in business class? ›

    Other airlines offer suites with closing doors, fitted mattress toppers, multiple pillows, dine on demand and complimentary sleepwear. Emirates offer none of this.

    Can you use shower in Emirates business class? ›

    Our lounges in Dubai have shower spas, so you can prepare for your next meeting or the journey ahead, and take advantage of our shoe shine service before you go. And when it's time to fly, you'll be one of the first to board.

    What is the most secret airline? ›

    Due to its secrecy, Janet airlines boards at a standalone terminal on the west side of Harry Reid International Airport. Janet flights operate with a three-digit flight number and a WWW-prefix.

    Which class is more luxurious in flight? ›

    Nearly all major airline companies have first class in some aircraft of their fleet. Those who travel in it are also provided exclusive facilities even on the ground, such as access to the luxurious lounges of the airliners at some airports and chauffeur service.

    What airline is more to love? ›

    More to Love commemorative aircraft - Alaska Airlines. Special travel instructions are in effect for multiple regions. International baggage fee updates.

    Is Etihad a fancy airline? ›

    As far back as the early years of Etihad, premium / luxury service and products have been its stronghold and it's not surprising that the airline fast became an innovative authority on luxury commercial flying in just a number of years.

    Is Abu Dhabi better than Dubai? ›

    Dubai is much bigger and has more entertainment options, nightlife, family activities, luxury hotels, and plenty of budget options. In contrast, Abu Dhabi is slightly more expensive. Despite being more expensive, Abu Dhabi is a more peaceful location. And Abu Dhabi has better beaches than Dubai.

    Why is Emirates Airline the best? ›

    Emirates has always been known as one of the world's best carriers and has won buckets of awards. Most passengers say it is a lot to do with the fantastic service from economy to first class, the larger and more modern in-flight entertainment, and the better-than-average plane food.

    Is Etihad safer than Emirates? ›

    AirlineRatings.com, an aviation safety website has revealed its list of the safest airlines of 2023. GCC carrier Qatar Airways also made it to the top ten. Etihad Airways is the third safest airline in the world, followed by Emirates taking the seventh spot, climbing 13 places since last year's ranking.

    Are Emirates seats comfortable? ›

    With no third seat in the row ahead, passengers have more legroom without sacrificing storage. This makes 67 and 80 B and C good choices too, especially if you're traveling in a pair and would rather avoid sitting next to a stranger. Either way, Emirates' economy is considered one of the most comfortable in the world!

    Why is Etihad more expensive? ›

    "The average fare which Etihad needs to charge to break even on the India-routes will be higher than other airlines, as its aircraft have fewer seats," says an aviation expert. "Etihad is positioned as a premium brand.

    What is the number 1 safest airline? ›

    The top 10 safest airlines 2023
    • Qantas.
    • Air New Zealand.
    • Etihad Airways.
    • Qatar Airways.
    • Singapore Airlines.
    • TAP Air Portugal.
    • Emirates.
    • Alaska Airlines.
    Jan 10, 2023

    What are 7 star airlines? ›

    According to AirlineRatings.com Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas, the airlines that have achieved the double seven-star for safety and product in alphabetical order are: Air New Zealand, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways, EVA Air from Taiwan, Korean Air, Qantas Airways, Royal Jordanian, ...

    What is the ranking of Emirates airlines? ›

    Top 10 airlines in the world 2022

    Emirates came in third place. The airline was also awarded the top prize for best economy class.

    Is Emirates a good first class airline? ›

    Emirates' first class has long been lauded as among the best flight experiences in the world. Individual suites with closing doors for privacy, gourmet on-demand dining, fabulous wines and spirits, a convivial onboard bar and must-try airplane showers (on Airbus A380s, at least). What's not to like?

    Is Qatar better than Emirates? ›

    Generally, service on both Qatar Airways and Emirates is consistently good. Our personal impression is that service in Emirates' economy can sometimes come across as a little hurried and less personal and that Qatar does a better job of personalizing service. But that is a subjective view and varies by flight.

    Which is the No 1 airline in Dubai? ›

    The biggest airlines based in the United Arab Emirates
    EYEtihad AirwaysEtihad
    G9Air ArabiaArabia
    2 more rows

    Which row is best in first class? ›

    Front Row. Row One in first class is the best option in most planes because you are at the very front of the plane. You have the most leg room and no one in front of you.

    Is first class worth it on international flights? ›

    Flying first class can be an amazing experience, especially if you're traveling internationally. Along with premium treatment in the airport, you can expect better seats, better food and better service onboard.

    Is there a dress code for first class Emirates? ›

    Emirates Airlines follows similar practice, with a spokesperson advising High Flyer that “while there is no formal dress code in any cabin, we do appreciate that appropriate clothing for travel is worn”. So it seems that almost any clothing within reason and the bounds of decency is fit for flying.

    Does Emirates first class have showers? ›

    Take a look at our Private Suites, flat-bed seats, and the fine-dining experience you can expect on board. See inside our exclusive A380 Onboard Lounge and Shower Spa, and find out more about our complimentary chauffeur-driven transfers and luxury First Class lounges.

    How long can I stay in Emirates first class lounge? ›

    Dine, unwind or catch up on business at Emirates Business Class lounges and Emirates First Class lounges for up to four hours before your flight. Lounge access is complimentary or discounted for you and your guest depending on your class of travel and your Emirates Skywards membership.

    How long can you shower in Emirates first class? ›

    Reserving the Emirates A380 shower suite

    Emirates first class passengers can shower once per flight. You can typically spend 30 minutes in the shower room (though in theory I suppose you could spend longer if it's not otherwise booked), though you only get five minutes of running water.

    Is Emirates first class all you can eat? ›

    Dining on your flight is on demand

    But not so on Emirates. The airline instead allows its first class passengers to eat whenever they want and to create their own menu. Food and drink are included with the cost of the ticket, so you don't need to pay extra for them.

    Can you take the Emirates blankets home? ›

    "It's theft," Miami criminal defense attorney Jeff Weiner, former president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, told TPG. "Those are not items for you to keep. If you're taking blankets and pillows, that's theft.

    Can you wear sneakers in business class? ›

    Close-toed shoes are ideal footwear option for business class travel. You can either pick up flats, boots, ankle boots, even leather sneakers if you want to add an urban vibe to your business class outfit. You can also choose pumps, if you like them and think you will feel fine wearing them for long hours.

    Does Emirates have lie flat seats in business class? ›

    Lie completely flat on the soft leather fabric and enjoy gourmet meals as you watch your favorite box set on the 23-inch HD TV. Experience a new level of comfort.

    How do I get free Emirates lounge? ›

    Lounge eligibility

    Lounge access is complimentary or discounted for you and your guest depending on your Emirates Skywards membership and class of travel. You can also enjoy paid access to our lounges in Dubai and selected lounges worldwide.

    What is the difference between Emirates Business and First Class Lounge? ›

    Emirates airport lounges

    In the “A” concourse the lounges are roughly the same size and have similar decor. The major difference is that the first class lounge has a la carte dining, while the business class lounge only has a buffet.

    How long can you stay in business class lounge Emirates? ›

    Relax in our Emirates lounges

    Join us in our lounges in Dubai and around the world. Dine, unwind or catch up on business at Emirates Business Class lounges and Emirates First Class lounges for up to four hours before your flight.

    Can you wear shorts in Emirates business class? ›

    No dress code. Business class (seats and room) varies on the type of aircraft your flying.

    Can you sleep in Emirates Lounge? ›

    With Private Suites in First Class, flat bed seats in Business Class and extra room throughout all of our cabins, you can enjoy total comfort.

    Do Emirates cabin crew clean toilets? ›

    Flight Attendants are responsible for keeping the toilets clean for passengers. They do basic cleaning such as wiping down surfaces and replenishing supplies such as toilet paper, hand soap, and paper towels. However, they do NOT do deep cleaning such as scrubbing toilets or mopping floors.

    What is free in Emirates business class? ›

    Our Business Class Lounge offers complimentary Wi-Fi and a well-equipped Business Centre so you don't skip a beat at work. Meet new friends in our bar areas or taste your way around the world with our gourmet dining options and exclusive beverages.

    Is Abu Dhabi more luxurious than Dubai? ›

    Dubai is much bigger and has more entertainment options, nightlife, family activities, luxury hotels, and plenty of budget options. In contrast, Abu Dhabi is slightly more expensive. Despite being more expensive, Abu Dhabi is a more peaceful location.

    Which airline is more luxury? ›

    1. Qatar Airways. Ranked as the top airline of 2021 at the World Airline Awards, Qatar Airways does top-class service like no other.

    Which is the luxury airline in Dubai? ›

    Luxury Airlines
    • Emirates Airlines. The award-winning airline Emirates is a Dubai-based carrier established in 1985. ...
    • Qatar Airways. ...
    • Garuda Indonesia. ...
    • Oman Air. ...
    • British Airways. ...
    • Etihad Airways.


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