Free parking in Poole, Dorset in 2023 - a time-saving guide | Road Trip Heroes - Find Free Parking (2023)

Updated:23 January 2023
Free parking in Poole, Dorset in 2023 - a time-saving guide | Road Trip Heroes - Find Free Parking (1)

What an amazing and stunning place Poole is. It's spacious, uncluttered and is also said to be the second safest city in the UK. Parking is very well managed here, and with that in mind, finding the best free spots was a challenge. But we made it anyway.

Where can I find free parking in Poole, Dorset?Here are some streets with free parking in Poole, Dorset:

  • Harbor Hill Road
  • Dingley-Straße
  • Felton Street
  • Hochmoorstraße
  • Minne Street
  • Inverness street
  • Saint Clair Street
  • Albany Gardens
  • Purbeck Avenue
  • Flaghead Street

However, read on as it's not that simple. Where in Poole would you like to park for free? That's the real question, and what this article answers for you. You can even save time and effort by navigating directly from my custom-made Google mapPoole's best free parking

Where is the free car park near Poole High Street & Dolphin Centre?

We have worked hard to find you the closest free car park to Poole High Street and the Dolphin Center and we have found you the nearest free car park. But we are sorry to say that Poole's streets are very sought after and the nearest free street is a whopping 27 minutes away.

There is 2 hours of free parking on most restricted streets much closer to the city centre, but other than that road trip heroes have to admit defeat in this case and suggest paid parking.

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Here are streets where you can park for freePoole High Street &
dolphin center:

Free parking nearby
Poole High Street &
dolphin center?
Go to
Mellstock-Straße24 minutes
Shottsford-Straße25 minutes
Close Seliot24 minutes
Harbor Hill Road20 minutes
Verulam Street17 minutes
Fernside Avenue17 minutes
Constitution Hill Road24 minutes
Meilensteinstraße25 minutes
Simmonds Close24 minutes
White Horse Drive29 minutes

Free parking near Poole train station?

If you're taking the train overnight a 20-25 minute walk to free parking isn't too bad, but if it's just a day trip you might prefer to park at nearby Poole Station Car Park for a whopping £9.90 for up to 8 hours. I know what my choice would be.

Here are the streets where you can park for free at Poole train station:

Free parking stains
the next
Poole train station?

Approximately on foot
time to
Railroad station
Palmer street21 minutes
Connell-Straße21 minutes
Mellstock-Straße21 minutes
Shottsford-Straße23 minutes
Stanley Green Road23 minutes
White Horse Drive25 minutes
Hiley Street24 minutes
Simmonds Close22 minutes
Meilensteinstraße22 minutes
Darbys Lane24 minutes

Where is the free car park near Poole Hospital & IBM Harbor Hospital?

Free parking in Poole, Dorset in 2023 - a time-saving guide | Road Trip Heroes - Find Free Parking (3)
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There is free parking available near Poole General Hospital and IBM Harbor Hospital, Poole listed below.

BMI Hafenkrankenhaus, Poole UK

Here are streets where you can park for freevicinityBMI Hafenkrankenhaus, Poole UK:

Best free parking nearby
BMI Hafenkrankenhaus
Approximate walking time
Close Seliot16 minutes
Kingsbere Street17 minutes
Ginster Hill Road17 minutes
Close Jellicoe16 minutes
Constitution Hill Road18 minutes
Fernside Avenue13 minutes
Felton Street19 minutes
Bondstraße17 minutes
Old farm road20 minutes

General Hospital, Poole UK

Here are streets where you can park for free nearbyto General Hospital, Poole UK:

Best free parking nearby
to the general hospital
Approximate walking time
Close Seliot17 minutes
Kingsbere Street18 minutes
Ginster Hill Road18 minutes
Close Jellicoe16 minutes
Constitution Hill Road18 minutes
Fernside Avenue14 minutes
Felton Street20 minutes
Bondstraße18 minutes
Old farm road21 minutes

Best free parking to Poole Ferry Terminals & Port

Free parking in Poole, Dorset in 2023 - a time-saving guide | Road Trip Heroes - Find Free Parking (4)

There are streets near the ferry terminal and Poole Harbor where you can park for free. the nearest is Shapwick Road, just 12 minutes away.

Here are streets where you can park for free nearbyPoole Ferry Terminals and Poole Harbour.

Free parking nearby
Poole Ferry Terminals
& Poole Harbour
Approximate walking time
to the ferry
Shapwick Street12 minutes
Jefferson Avenue13 minutes
Ivorian street14 minutes
Tuckers Lane22 minutes
Albany Gardens22 minutes
Close Hounslow23 minutes
Rockley Street26 minutes
Lulworth Avenue
Halfway down, just one side
24 minutes
Close loops24 minutes
Hinchliffe Street25 minutes

Free parking near Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset

There is no free parking on Sandbanks itself and the arm that takes you there from Poole town center (Banks Road & Shore Road) has metered parking along the bay.

But inland there are some great free options, some just a 13 minute walk away like Chaddesley Glen. See the table below and the map below for more information

Free parking in Poole, Dorset in 2023 - a time-saving guide | Road Trip Heroes - Find Free Parking (5)

Here are streets where you can park for free near Sandbanks, Poole, Dorset:

Free parking near sandbanks,
Poole, Dorset
Ca Go
To sandbars
Brownsea Road13 minutes
Chaddesley Glen13 minutes
Brundenell Street20 minutes
Canford Crescent23 minutes
Nairn Street23 minutes
Inverness street24 minutes
Flaghead Street25 minutes
Imbrecourt26 minutes
Cliff Drive28 minutes
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Free parking near Branksome Chime Beach, Poole

Branksome Chime Beach is one of the top beaches according to locals, and there's fine golden sand on the beach for good measure. But free parking would only make this beach better, and here it is.

Below are 10 great streets for free parking near Branksome Chime Beach, Poole.

Here are streets where you can park for free nearbyBranksome Chime Strand, Poole, Dorset:

Free parking near Branksome
chime Strand, Poole
Ca Go To the beach
Pinecliff Road3 minutes
Dalkeith Street6 minutes
Westminster Street8 minutes
shore road8 minutes
Buccleuch Street8 minutes
Kiefernwaldstraße9 minutes
Oratory Gardens9 minutes
Ettrick Street9 minutes
Martellstrasse South10 mins

Free parking in Poole, Dorset in 2023 - a time-saving guide | Road Trip Heroes - Find Free Parking (7)

Free parking near Parkstone Train Station, Poole

Let's say you're driving to Poole and want to leave your car for free for a few days. Park at Parkstone Station and board a train one stop to Poole Station.

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Here are streets where you can park for free nearbyParkstone Railway Station, Poole, Dorset:

Free parking near Parkstone
Train Station, Poole
Ca Go To
the station
Windsor Street5 minutes
Balmoral Street5 minutes
Hochmoorstraße7 minutes
Powell Street7 minutes
Kimberley-Road7 minutes
Corfe View Road8 minutes
Warwick Street9 minutes
Sandecotes Street9 minutes
Durrant Street10 mins

Free disabled parking in Poole town centre

Don't forget your blue badge and don't let it be clearly displayed on your dashboard when the clock is set correctly. Then you're good to goParkin all car parks mentioned below as well as in many disabled parking spaces on the street in the city.

Here are streets with disabled spaces where you can park for free in Poole town centre:

Free disabled parking spaces in
Poole town centre
PreisApproximately on foot
time to high st
high street shopsFrei0 minutes
New orchardFrei2 minutes
Wealthy streetFrei3 minutes
KapellenwegFrei5 minutes
Quarry visitorsFrei6 minutes
Quay for lifeboatsFrei12 minutes
Shopper 1 & 2 parking spacesFrei12 minutes
SerpentinenwegFrei13 minutes
Poole swimming pool car parkFrei22 minutes
Poole HospitalFrei25 minutes

Free motorbike parking in Poole

Below is a list of motorbike parking areas where you can park your motorbike for free. Because this is not your only option. Also check out the streets with free parking as they may be closer to your destination.

Here are streets with free motorcycle parking in Poole, Dorset:

Free motorbike parking in PooleVicinity To
Neufundland Drivecity ​​center
1 and 2 Chapel Lane car parkcity ​​center
Brownsea Roadsandbars
Salter Streetsandbars
ferry waysandbars
Brundenell StreetBay of the Embankment
Chaddesley GlenBay of the Embankment
canyon roadBranksome Strand

Cheap parking close to Poole town centre

If all these free parking options aren't enough and you would park in a paid lot instead, check out the three charts below.

We've listed the best car parks in Poole in order of cheapest 4 hour, 8 hour and also 24 hour if you're planning a longer stay.

Free parking in Poole, Dorset in 2023 - a time-saving guide | Road Trip Heroes - Find Free Parking (8)
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Cheapest 4 hour car parks in Poole, Dorset

Cheapest 4 hours
parking garages
In Poole
walking time
zu High st
Port parking lot 2£1,8025 minutes
Port car park 1£3,5023 minutes
high street shops£4.000 minutes
Kapellenweg£4.005 minutes
Quay visitor£4.006 minutes
Shopper 1 & 2 parking spaces£4.0012 minutes
Pitwines£4.0014 minutes
Seldown£4.0017 minutes
swimming pools£4.0022 minutes
Dolphone Shopping Center£4.0016 minutes
Kai£6,5012 minutes

Cheapest 8 hour car parks in Poole, Dorset

Cheapest 8 hours
parking garages
In Poole
walking time
zu High st
Port parking lot 2£3,4025 minutes
Holiday Inn Express£7.0020 minutes
Port car park 1£7.2023 minutes
high street shops£8.0022 minutes
Kai visitor£8.000 minutes
Shopping car parks 1 & 2£8.0012 minutes
Dolphin Shopping Mall£8.0016 minutes
Seldown£8.0017 minutes
Swimming pool£8.0022 minutes
Poole-Station£9.9013 minutes

Cheapest 24 hour car parks in Poole, Dorset

Cheapest 24 hours
parking garages
In Poole
walking time
zu High st
Holiday Inn Express£7.0020 minutes
Quay visitor£12.006 minutes
Kai£12,5012 minutes
Shopping car parks 1 & 2£13.0012 minutes
Poole-Station£19,8013 minutes
Dolphin Shopping Mall£12.0016 minutes
Seldown£13.0017 minutes
swimming pools£13.0022 minutes
Poole Hospital£10.0030 minutes
high street shops£12.000 minutes

Wow that's Poole for you it was hard to crack and I hope the information I've researched finds you all safely near where you want to go.

Drive safe and have a great time in Poole.

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Can you park in Poole Park for free? ›

There are 3 free car parks in the park: next to The Kitchen - around 40 spaces, 2-hour maximum stay. between Rockley Watersports and The Ark - around 30 spaces, 3-hour maximum stay. next to The Ark - around 60 spaces, three-hour maximum stay.

How much is car parking in Poole? ›

Poole Quay Visitors Multi-storey Car Park
Length of StayCharges
1 hour£1
2 hours£2
3 hours£3
4 hours£4
7 more rows

How do you pay for parking in Dorset? ›

At Dorset Council car parks you can pay for parking using your phone by calling or texting JustPark (you'll need to register before using this service). You can also download the JustPark app to your phone for quick, online parking payments.

Where can I park overnight in Poole? ›

Long Stay Car Parks In Poole
  • Shoppers Multi Storey Car Park, BH15 2BQ.
  • Dolphin Shopping Centre Multi Storey Car Park, BH15 1TA.
  • Seldown Car Park, BH15 1TA.
  • Lighthouse Multi Storey Car Park, BH15 1UA.
  • Cataline Drive street parking, BH15 1JQ.
  • Quay Visitors Multi Store Car Park, BH15 1SB.
  • Shore Road Car Park, BH13 7PH.
Sep 15, 2022

Where can I park my motorhome overnight in Poole? ›

Overnight parking at Poole ferry terminal is available alongside the check in lanes. This stopover facility enables motorhomers and caravanners to be in the right place at the right time!

Does Poole have a park and ride? ›

Our Park and Ride site in Kings Park (by the Stadium) is clearly signposted off the A338 Wessex Way. It costs £5 for an all day ticket. Free buses leave every 15 minutes from 9am, and will drop you off by Boscombe Pier.

How much is it to park at Poole train station? ›

Poole Station parking from £5/day | JustPark.

Where can I park my car and sleep near me? ›

7 Places You Can Park Overnight & Sleep On A Road Trip
  • Walmart. ...
  • Casinos. ...
  • Rest Stops. ...
  • Welcome Information Centers. ...
  • BLM Land. ...
  • Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls & Fast Food Outlets, Parking Lots. ...
  • City Street Parking.
Jun 11, 2019

Is Poole a posh area? ›

House Prices in Poole

Property prices are on par with those of many London Boroughs such as Westminster, Kensington, and Chelsea. The town is home to a high number of wealthy businessmen and celebrities who can afford the hefty price tags the local housing market commands.

Is Poole Dorset worth visiting? ›

The scenery on the island is stunning, from rugged rocky beaches to the dramatic Brownsea Castle, which was built by Henry VIII with the aim of protecting Poole Harbour. Owned by the National Trust, the island is a fantastic place to explore and a great way to do so is by going on a guided walking tour.

Is Poole an affluent area? ›

Canford Cliffs and Sandbanks together make up Poole's most affluent neighbourhoods. The Sandbanks peninsula, a natural feature of the harbour, provides panoramic harbour views for many of its residents.

Do you pay for parking at Tower Park Poole? ›

Tower Park, Yarrow Road, Poole, BH12 4NY

Tower Park provides free car parking day and night with 24 hour CCTV in operation. Tower Park is 3 miles north-east of Poole on the A3049.

Is there parking at Poole Speedway? ›

Does Poole Stadium have its own car park? Poole Stadium does have a small car park, but this tends to fill up quickly on match days.

Is parking free at Lyme park? ›

The park grounds are free to walk around and extensive. The house, car parking and gardens you do have to pay for unless you are a National Trust member and it's all free of charge.

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