Hand luggage size chart for over 145 airlines (2023)

When you travel by plane, one of our biggest concerns is our luggage, more specifically, hand luggage. The hoard of new airlines and routes are emerging and changing the way we think about flying.

Air travel is being reinvented with the ever-changing unbundling schemes offered by airlines today.

Today, several airlines require us to pay for a seat selection. Some also want us to buy checked bags and pay for food and book in advance.

This means that many customers, particularly students and backpackers, choose to only carry carry-on baggage and forgo the additional cost of purchasing checked baggage altogether.

In order to understand how much hand luggage we can freely take into the airplane cabin, we should know the hand luggage size allowed by the different airlines.

Here we have researched allmajor airlines worldwideto find out about their carry-on size limit, which they allow at no additional cost.

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Do you know:If your flight is delayed, you might be entitled to itCompensation for flight delaysup to $700 under EU law.

Hand luggage size chart for airlines around the world

The size chart below will be updatedMarch 2021.You can check the various sizes and weights in both imperial (i.e. inches & lbs) and metric (i.e. cm & kg) systems.

airlinesRegionLandcarry-on baggage
centimeters (cm)inches (inches)kilogram (kg)pounds (pounds)
Aegean AirlinesEuropaGreece56x45x2523x18x10817.64
Air FranceEuropaFrance55x35x2522x14x101226.46
British AirwaysEuropaGreat Britain56x45x2522x18x102350.71
Norwegian Air InternationalEuropaIreland55x40x2322x16x101022.05
Norwegian air shuttleEuropaNorway55x40x2322x16x101022.05
LOT Polish AirlinesEuropaPoland55x40x2322x16x10817.64
Swiss International AirlinesEuropaSwitzerland55x40x2522x16x10817.64
Scandinavian airlinesEuropaSweden55x40x2322x16x10817.64
Brussels AirlinesEuropaBelgium55x40x2322x16x101226.46
Thomas Cook AirlinesEuropaGreat Britain55x40x2022x16x8613.23
TUI AirwaysEuropaGreat Britain55x40x2022x16x8511.02
easyJetEuropaGreat Britain56x45x2523x18x102350.71
air EuropeEuropaSpain55x35x2522x14x101022.05
Virgin AtlanticEuropaGreat Britain23x36x5610x15x231022.05
FlybeEuropaGreat Britain55x35x2022x14x81022.05
Air BalticsEuropaLatvia55x40x2322x16x10817.64
BA CityflyerEuropaGreat Britain56x45x2523x18x102350.71
Alitalia CitylinerEuropaItaly55x35x2522x14x10817.64
Air DolomitiEuropaItaly55x40x2022x16x8817.64
Air ItalyEuropaItaly55x40x2022x16x8817.64
Air SerbiaEuropaSerbia55x40x2022x16x8817.64
KomairEuropaSouth Africa56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Portugalia AirlinesEuropaPortugal55x40x2022x16x8817.64
Binter KanarenEuropaSpain45x25x3518x10x14613.23
Olympic airEuropaGreece55x40x2322x16x10817.64
CSAEuropaCzech Republic55x45x2522x18x10817.64
Croatia AirlinesEuropaCroatia55x40x2022x16x8817.64
canary flyEuropaSpain45x35x2518x14x10613.23
Die SalveEuropaSpain55x40x2022x16x81022.05
KLM City-HopperEuropaNetherlands55x35x2522x14x101226.46
Once againEuropaNorway55x40x2022x16x8817.64
WOW airEuropaIsland56x45x2523x18x101226.46
Air CorsicaEuropaFrance55x35x2522x14x101226.46
Auf NostrumEuropaSpain56x45x2523x18x10
blue eagleEuropaFrance55x40x2022x16x81022.05
Buta AirwaysEuropaAzerbaijan55x35x2022x14x8
SmartWingsEuropaCzech Republic56x45x2523x18x10817.64
Transavia FranceEuropaFrance55x40x2522x16x101022.05
Blue Panorama AirlinesEuropaItaly55x40x2022x16x81022.05
blue airEuropaRomania55x40x2022x16x81022.05
easyJet SwitzerlandEuropaSwitzerland56x45x2523x18x10
Jet2EuropaGreat Britain56x45x2523x18x101022.05
Norwegian Air UKEuropaGreat Britain55x40x2322x16x101022.05
WizzAir UKEuropaGreat Britain40x30x2016x12x81022.05
Scandinavian sunshineEuropaDenmark45x36x2018x15x8613.23
Nordic regional airlinesEuropaFinland55x40x2322x16x10817.64
AIS airlinesEuropaNetherlands55x40x2322x16x10613.23
Aurigny Air ServicesEuropaGreat Britain55x36x2022x15x81022.05
Isles of Scilly SkybusEuropaGreat Britain30x15x1512x6x636.61
LoganEuropaGreat Britain40x35x1816x14x8613.23
Sichuan AirlinesAsia PacificChina55x40x2022x16x81022.04
Cebu PacificAirAsia PacificPhilippines56x36x2323x15x10715.43
IndigoAsia PacificIf55x35x2522x14x10715.43
Spring AirlinesAsia PacificChina40x30x2016x12x8715.43
Jet Airways (India)Asia PacificIf11546715.43
Air AsiaAsia PacificMalaysia56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Air ChinaAsia PacificChina55x40x2022x16x8817.63
China AirlinesAsia PacificChina56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Cathay PacificAsia PacificChina56x36x2323x15x10715.43
China Southern AirlinesAsia PacificChina11546511.02
Shanghai AirlinesAsia PacificChina56x45x2523x18x101022.04
GoAirAsia PacificIf55x35x2522x14x10715.43
Tianjin AirlinesAsia PacificChina55x40x2022x16x81022.04
Juneyao AirlinesAsia PacificChina55x40x2022x16x8511.02
Hainan AirlinesAsia PacificChina115461022.04
Hong Kong AirlinesAsia PacificChina56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Beijing Capital AirlinesAsia PacificChina11546511.02
JALAsia PacificJapan11546511.02
JetstarAsia PacificAustralia56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Cathay DracheAsia PacificChina56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Korean airAsia PacificSouth Korea55x40x2022x16x81226.45
China United AirlinesAsia PacificChina40x30x2016x12x81022.04
Xiamen AirlinesAsia PacificChina11546511.02
Malaysia airlineAsia PacificMalaysia56x36x2323x15x10715.43
China Eastern AirlinesAsia PacificChina56x45x2523x18x101022.04
WellAsia PacificJapan55x40x2022x16x81022.04
Air New ZealandAsia PacificNew Zealand11847715.43
Asiana AirlinesAsia PacificSouth Korea55x40x2022x16x81022.04
Philippine airlineAsia PacificPhilippines11546715.43
QantasAsia PacificAustralia56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Shandong AirlinesAsia PacificChina55x35x1522x14x6511.02
SpicejetAsia PacificIf11546715.43
Singapore AirlinesAsia PacificSingapore11546715.43
Thai Airways InternationalAsia PacificThailand56x45x2523x18x10715.43
SriLankan AirlinesAsia PacificSri Lanka56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Virgo AustraliaAsia PacificAustralia56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Vietnam AirlinesAsia PacificVietnam56x36x2323x15x10715.43
Shenzhen AirlinesAsia PacificChina11546511.02
EmirateMiddle East and AfricaUnited Arab Emirates55x38x2022x15x8715.43
Ethiopian AirlinesMiddle East and AfricaEthiopia55x40x2322x16x10715.43
FlydubsMiddle East and AfricaDubai55x38x2022x15x8715.43
Air ArabiaMiddle East and AfricaUnited Arab Emirates55x40x2022x16x81022.04
Kenia AirwaysMiddle East and AfricaKenya55x35x2522x14x101226.45
THEY HAVEMiddle East and AfricaIsrael56x45x2523x18x10817.63
Egypt AirMiddle East and AfricaEgypt53x31x1921x13x8817.63
Qatar AirwaysMiddle East and AfricaTrain50x37x1520x15x6715.43
Royal JordanMiddle East and AfricaJordan51x41x2321x17x10715.43
South African AirwaysMiddle East and AfricaSouth Africa56x36x2323x15x10817.63
SaudiMiddle East and AfricaSaudi Arabian11546715.43
Turkish AirlinesMiddle East and AfricaTurkey55x40x2322x16x10817.63
AeromexicoLatin AmericaMexico55x40x2522x16x10715.43
Aerolineas ArgentinasLatin AmericaArgentina11546715.43
AVIANALatin AmericaColombia55x35x2522x14x101022.04
COPA-AirlinesLatin America56x36x2623x15x111226.45
GOLLatin AmericaBrazil55x40x2022x16x8817.63
LATAM Airlines BrazilLatin AmericaBrazil55x35x2522x14x10817.63
LATAM airlinesLatin AmericaChile55x35x2522x14x10715.43
American AirlinesNorth AmericaUnited States56x36x2323x15x101839.68
Air CanadaNorth AmericaYou have55x40x2322x16x101022.04
JetBlue AirwaysNorth AmericaUnited States56x36x2323x15x10No weight limit
Delta AirlinesNorth AmericaUnited States56x35x2323x14x101022.04
Frontier AirlinesNorth AmericaUnited States61x41x2525x17x101635.27
faithful airNorth AmericaUnited States60x36x2324x15x101124.25
Spirit AirlinesNorth AmericaUnited States56x46x2523x19x10
United AirlinesNorth AmericaUnited States56x35x2223x14x9
South West AirlinesNorth AmericaUnited States61x41x2525x17x10
WestJet AirlinesNorth AmericaYou have53x38x2321x15x10

11 packing tips that might help you travel with hand luggage only:

  1. Roll your clothes. This way they take up a lot less space than if you folded them.
  2. Make travel-size portions of your toiletries/makeup.
  3. Traveling for short trips is easier if you only have carry-on luggage. It also helps save time and the additional purchase of checked baggage that you may have to wait later to collect on arrival.
  4. Small scissors, disposable/electric razors, nail clippers are usually allowed in hand luggage.
  5. Carry only what you need. A whopping 80% of travelers pack more than they need. So try to think about leaving items behind that can be avoided.
  6. Wear multipurpose clothing that you can mix and match and wear in numerous ways. A simple black dress or zip-off pants on vacation, a neutral suit on a business trip.
  7. Make sure your carry-on bags do not contain any sharp or flammable objects.
  8. Don't forget flight essentials such as earplugs/headphones, an eye mask and atravel pillowfor long-haul flights.
  9. Buy a luggage scale to weigh your luggage. So that you can find out about the weight restrictions before driving to the airport.
  10. And most importantly, buy a cabin-friendly suitcase. Also, make sure it's lightweight. The most expensive may not be the best.
  11. In general, all bags are stowed under the front seat. If the bag does not fit under the seat, it must be stowed in the roof cabins.

frequently asked Questions

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1. What is carry-on baggage?

Hand luggage is a type of luggage that you can take with you on the plane. It is also known as "hand luggage" or "cabin luggage".

2. What is the standard carry-on size?

Different airlines have different carry-on size restrictions.

Most airlines insist that the dimensions of carry-on luggage should be 22 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches, including the suitcase handles and wheels.

This is most often the largest size of cabin suitcase that fits comfortably in the overhead compartments of economy seats.

Larger sizes are allowed in Premier Economy, Business Class, etc. However, it would be safe to ensure that the suitcases we carry remain within the above dimensions.

3. How many pieces of hand luggage are allowed?

This depends on the airline. In general, most airlines allow 2 bags, one carry-on of one bag other than a personal item. The personal item bag is usually a smaller bag such as a lady's handbag, purse, briefcase, or laptop bag.

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4. What is the weight limit for hand luggage?

Some domestic airlines do not have carry-on baggage weight restrictions. Several of the international airlines insist that the total weight of hand luggage cannot exceed 7 kg/15 lbs. This is mainly due to safety regulations. Some of the well-known low-cost carriers in Asia even weigh hand luggage at check-in.

5. Can I take my wheelchair on the plane?

Individuals with disabilities can check in their wheelchair or mobility or assistive devices. You can also take them to the plane and give them to the staff. Most airlines do not take these tools into account when determining maximum dimensions or weight allowances.

6. How much liquid is allowed in hand luggage on the plane?

Liquids over 3.4 oz are not permitted on flights, persons traveling with infants and young children may carry water, breast milk or formula which may exceed this limit in volume. Strollers can be checked at the gate if they are travel-friendly lightweight strollers.

7. Can musical instruments be taken as hand luggage?

Musical instruments are usually allowed as hand luggage. If they are too big, one may be forced to check them in. If the instrument exceeds the permitted carry-on baggage size restrictions, you can also carry the oversized musical instrument as carry-on baggage in an empty seat in the passenger cabin.

8. Are sports equipment allowed as hand luggage?

Diving equipment, sporting equipment, surfboards, etc. may only be carried in checked baggage within the normal baggage allowance.

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9. What is the baggage allowance for infants?

Passengers traveling with an infant are permitted one extra diaper bag for onboard needs. Also baby food in addition to baby carrier or car seat and breast pump.

10. What is not allowed in hand luggage?

Aerosols, gels, creams, liquids over 3.4 ounces are not allowed in carry-on baggage. Self-defense items such as pepper spray, sharp objects, lithium batteries and other dangerous items are also not allowed. On the other hand, power banks are only allowed in carry-on baggage and forbidden in checked baggage.

11. Can I take food with me in my hand luggage?

Eating is generally allowed on board the aircraft. Do not carry food with strong odors or odors that may disturb fellow travelers. This also applies to objectionable reading/visual material, including adult entertainment content.

12. Can I take prescription medication in my carry-on baggage?

Persons with disabilities, infants and children can take their medicines with them in their hand luggage. While small bottles of over-the-counter medicines generally do not require a prescription. The doctor's prescription and bill are best kept for other medications to avoid problems.

13. How to reduce luggage weight?

shift while traveling. Put on your heaviest jacket or shoes. This saves luggage space and weight while avoiding the cost of checked baggage.

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What is the maximum size of hand luggage on plane? ›

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sets guidelines for cabin baggage/hand luggage/carry-on luggage size. As of 2022, the IATA recommends a maximum size of 56 cm × 45 cm × 25 cm (22 in × 18 in × 10 in), including protuberances like wheels, handles, and pockets.

Can I take a 22.5 inch carry-on bag? ›

A carry-on can't be bigger than 22 inches by 14 inches by 9 inches including handles and wheels and should fit in an overhead bin as well. If your carry-on is too large or a full flight doesn't have enough overhead space, a flight attendant might make you check your bags at the gate.

How many cm is 22x14x9 luggage? ›

Thankfully, most of the major airlines out there have made it easy by coming up with a standard carry-on size limit: 22” x 14” x 9” (56 cm x 36 cm x 23 cm), with the sum of all three measurements being 45 inches or less.

How many inches is a 45x36x20 cabin bag? ›

Known by many as “the EasyJet size”, 45 x 36 x 20 cm (18 x 14 x 8 in) is the maximum dimensions of a cabin bag that EasyJet airline would allow its passengers to carry into its cabin for free.

Can you take 2 carry-on bags on a plane? ›

Typically in economy, you can bring one carry-on and one personal item. If you bring two bags, one must fit underneath your seat and the other can go into the overhead bin. If you're flying in an upgraded class like business or first, you may be allowed an additional carry-on bag.

Can I take 2 bags as hand luggage? ›

Airline rules allow for one carry on bag and one personal item, unless you're flying on a basic economy fare. But we've all seen people selfishly putting two bags in the overhead bin or carrying on more luggage than could possibly be allowed.


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