HDFC Regalia Credit Card Review (2023)

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Regalia is a points-based premium credit card that has long been HDFC's top premium card prior to the launch of their other products such as the Diner Black Credit Card. Regalia still remains significant as it's cheaper than other premium cards and offers more or less all the features that the bank's other cards offer in a comparatively limited way.

This premium credit card is ideal for people who travel by air, shop online (preferably via foreign websites with foreign currency surcharge benefits) and like to eat outdoors.


HDFC Regalia credit card

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Review (1)

annual fee

INR 1000 + taxes


Up to 5% cashback on travel and shopping expenses


Up to 35% off Dineout Membership Program at premium restaurants

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HDFC Regalia Credit Card Review (2)

annual fee

INR 1000 + taxes


Up to 5% cashback on travel and shopping expenses

(Video) HDFC Millennia vs HDFC Regalia Credit Card Review| Which one is better?


Up to 35% off Dineout Membership Program at premium restaurants

For and against

  • This card has the lowest foreign currency surcharge which is 2%, lower than many other cards on the market which have a foreign currency surcharge ranging from 3% to 3.5%.
  • Rewards points can be used to book train tickets and make purchases on websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Redbus, etc. Multiple offers are rolled from time to time, which can be a good catch for users to use as per your requirements.
  • Features like emergency hospitalization abroad are a plus.
  • Reward points are awarded for retail spending only.
  • You cannot make EMIs when buying gold or any type of jewelry.
  • The Dineout Passport membership card only covers a few select cities in India making it a limited service.
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Features of the HDFC Regalia Credit Card

By using this credit card, users accumulate points that make the card valuable and serve as the main function of the credit card. The extra features are also interesting and help make the card a must-have for those who like to use their credit card for multiple purchases.

  • Joining Fees:The joining fee of INR 2,500 is a bit expensive compared to other cards but still cheap compared to a premium card. The good thing is that the user gets 2500 Rewards points for paying the annual fee and each Rewards point is worth 50 Paise – this is half the price of the annual fee.
  • Eligibility:This credit card is for Indian nationals. For employees, the age limit is between 21 and 60 years with a monthly net income of INR 70,000. For self-employed it is between 21 and maximum 65 years with a net income of INR 8.4 lakh per year.
  • How to apply:You can apply for this credit card online or at any of the branches of HDFC Bank. You will need documents including proof of income, proof of address and proof of identity so the bank can verify your eligibility.
  • Annual fee and way to full return of investment on fee:From an amount of INR 3,000 you can waive the annual fee completely. This required spending amount is a bit high and it's possible that not many users would be willing to spend that amount. For this reason, this card is more suitable for people who want to make expensive purchases, e.g. B. Buying a car or similar that costs over 3 lakh INR.
  • Benefits of eating:One of the most appealing features of any premium credit card is the type of dining benefits it offers its customers, and to that end Regalia has an association with Dineout, the restaurant and technology solutions platform for restaurants. The connection allows users to get a free Dineout Passport membership, a premium restaurant membership program that offers attractive discounts at its 2000+ member restaurants in around 20 cities in India. You must verify that the choice of city where you wish to use the card is part of Dineout member restaurants.
  • Lounge visits:12 complimentary access to airport lounges within India and six outside. A visit to the airport lounge costs around INR 2,000 in India. The list of airport lounges to access this facility includes more or less all major airports. There is a Priority Pass facility that you can apply for after four retail transactions for yourself and additional members. This pass entitles you and your additional member to a total of six lounge visits outside of India. Other competing credit cards also offer this feature.
  • Bonus points when buying:Purchasing can be seen as the basic function of a credit card, and the reward points on it are what people are looking for.
    • You can earn four reward points for every INR 150 spent.
    • There are 10,000 reward points with a spend of INR 5,000.
    • Additional 5,000 Reward Points when spending INR 8,000 in an Anniversary Year. Not many people will be able to spend that much, but it is possible when buying a car or other expensive product.
    • Four reward points for spending INR 150 spent on all retail expenses including insurance, utilities, education and rent payments.
    • 10,000 Reward Points with annual spend of INR 5,000.
    • Additional 5,000 Reward Points with annual spend of INR 8,000.

Ways to Redeem HDFC Regalia Credit Card Points

These points can be redeemed at SmartBuy or Netbanking.

SmartBuy is a platform that, in cooperation with HDFC Bank, displays offers of various products from different companies for the bank's customers. Netbanking refers to online banking, an electronic payment system used, among other things, to transfer money to another bank account or to check transaction statements and make payments.

The following is the value of these Reward Points (RP):

  • For booking hotels or flights through Smartbuy: 1RP = 0.5 Paise
  • For the conversion of flight miles by Netbanking, the rate is: 1 RP = 0.5 flight miles
  • For products and vouchers via Netbanking and Smartbuy: 1RP = 0.5 Paise

Cashback-Wert:20 paise

Smart EMIs (equal monthly installments):This facility is available under certain conditions for expensive purchases other than gold and jewelry. The bank charges an interest rate.

Additional features of the HDFC Regalia credit card

  • Zero cost liability:If you lose your Regalia credit card and report it immediately to the company's 24-hour call center, you will not be held responsible for fraudulent transactions made using your credit card as they are covered by insurance.
  • Foreign currency surcharge:It is a charge by the credit card company when you use your card to make payments in a foreign currency. This markup is 2%, which is comparatively low compared to other cards, as it's around 3.5% at other companies.
  • Revolving credit:From September 22, 2021, revolving balances will bear interest at an annual rate of 43.2%. This sentence is subject to change.
  • Porter:There is always someone available by phone to answer your questions (24/7).
  • Waiver of fuel surcharge:1% waiver on fuel surcharge at all petrol stations across India with a minimum transaction of INR 400 and a maximum transaction of INR 5,000. This feature isn't unique to the HDFC Regalia credit card; Instead, it's available with more or less all cards in the premium category.


  • Accidental Flying Death Cover: INR 1 crore
  • Emergency hospitalization abroad: up to INR 15,000
  • Liability insurance in case of card loss: Up to INR 9,000

The emergency amount for hospitalization abroad is good and people traveling abroad can carry their credit cards with them. The prerequisite for claiming airline accident death insurance is booking your travel ticket with the balance that offers you this coverage.

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