Help with homework History-Geography and/or Spé HGGSP - Lyon - Private lessons (2023)

MaëvaHomework help (English, French, History, Latin)Student in Archeology (Bac+3), I also have a Literary Baccalaureate with specialization in Reinforced English (and 6 years Latin). I can help the student with their homework whether it is English, French or even History and even Latin. I will advise him on the different ways of learning or retaining.MelissaAcademic Assistance / Homework Help from elementary school through college 3rd year law student, I am available for elementary school / college homework help. The subjects I can teach are: French / Mathematics / Geohistory / SVT / Physics-Chemistry / English / Italian. I can also give refresher courses before the start of the school year. I have been doing this activity since 2019. My goal is above all to help the student regain their self-confidence. In general, difficulties in a subject arise either from a methodological problem or from a blockage. In both cases it is important that the student has confidence in himself and in his abilities. Regarding the progression of the course, I think it makes sense to spend 1/3 of the time on the explanations and then continue with the practice of exercises (first helped, then in autonomy).LaurieHomework Help, English Lessons for Beginners or Intermediate (High School, High School)I propose to help as much as possible with high school students' homework, as well as English lessons for Beginners or Intermediate. I am in my third year of studying English at the Jean Moulin Manufacture of Tobacco faculty to become an English teacher.Priscilia Tutoring in English, French, History. I offer tutoring in English and French. My goal is to help with homework and review the lessons with the student to help them better understand and process what they are being asked, both at the level of the course itself and at the level of the methodology .Thomas School supervision (primary school, middle school, high school) I offer homework help for children and young people who need school support in order to advance in their career. I help them to understand their lessons better and to gain self-confidence. My qualities of listening and dialogue will enable them to acquire knowledge more easily.Farysupport in languageFirst year law students offer language support courses. Italian and English. For more information contact me by email.ElisaSchool support - LYON- homework help, babysittingI come to your home or pick up the children from school. To help them with their homework or even offer them age-appropriate activities. Available at the end of the day. Possibility to prepare their taste.JohanéEnglish lessons that suit you! Beginner to Intermediate, Business English and more!" Learning is a treasure that follows its owner everywhere." A Chinese Proverb Teaching is my passion and I want to share it with you. I specialize in teaching English and am TEFL qualified. My courses are tailored to each student, focusing on your needs and desires. I enjoy encouraging and motivating students to learn in a fun and effective way.MahnazEnglish courses, registration deadline for the new semester: April 10, 2023 Hello, I run some interesting courses for children and young people. These courses start on April 12, 2023. Book a course to start a new semester together. I have to say that your first session is free, so you can learn more about these courses in this session. If you enjoy learning English I suggest these courses. During these courses, students improve various skills such as reading, speaking, grammar, etc. Books and materials are used that are understandable and practical for students. These courses are held as individual and group lessons. List of courses: - First Friends course - Family and Friends course - Exchange course - History course - Conversation course - Grammar course - Vocabulary course To take part in some courses you need to know your level (elementary, intermediate, advanced). If you don't know your level, no problem, I'll help you check and determine it. Don't hesitate to contact me for more information.Ronni (Gráinne)English with a native speaker - private lessons. Conversation, Grammar, Skills, Exam Preparation Easy English Below ⬇ ⬇Private English lessons with a CELTA qualified English teacher and native speaker. Available online or in person (at home, in a café or in the park) in Leipzig. All levels and backgrounds welcome! the things I can help you with:✅ Conversation skills / everyday English✅ Understanding Grammar / understanding of grammar✅ IELTS Speaking and Listening Practice / exam preparation ✅ Understanding US and UK English / British or American dialect✅ Homework help / homework helpIn your private lesson we will learn at your pace . Unlike in a formal school, I can adapt to your own way of learning. As a teacher, patience and kindness are so important to me. Don't worry if you've struggled with English in the past. With me you will learn in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Together we can achieve your own unique goals. Please inquire about group/couples lessons. --------- 👍 Easier English: I am a native English speaker and a qualified teacher. I come from Ireland. Now I live in Germany. I teach private lessons online. I can also teach at your home, in a café or in a park in Leipzig. I can help you with speaking, grammar, listening, pronunciation and other things. I am patient. We can go as slow or fast as you like. I am very friendly. We can relax and have fun during class. If you have any questions, you can send me a message.Marisela"Teaching ENGLISH levels from A1 to C2: Grammar and Vocabulary in ENGLISH"Hello! I'm Marisela, teacher of English and Spanish for foreigners ELE. I have a certificate recognized by the Instituto Cervantes of Spain. My first language is Spanish (Castilian) and my second language is English and I am perfectly bilingual Spanish and English. I studied English at a university in the United States of America and worked in American schools with preschool, elementary, middle and high school students or high school students. In addition, I have also taught students and adults in general. Also, I have lived and worked in different countries where English and Spanish are the most spoken languages ​​around the world. I like to organize classes according to each student's learning goals, so my classes are tailored to each student's level, needs, interests and pace. I have many teaching materials and resources that I can use in my lessons, and the teaching materials and resources that the student already has are also used. From a young age, my great passion has always been languages, and I have distinguished myself as a very friendly teacher, with a lot of patience, very friendly and funny at the same time, creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, making the students feel comfortable and comfortable. confidence in your learning. I have taught many students of all ages, cultures and nationalities and they have all achieved their goals in a very short time. Oral interaction will play a major role in every class. The focus is on conversational English. This facilitates learning and understanding in a relaxed and pleasant environment, practicing English conversation and correcting pronunciation. Teenagers and adults in English and Spanish. I have been teaching Spanish and English for 20 years and have taught students from different countries, ages and nationalities at different levels of English as well as Spanish. In addition, I have a long career as a translator and interpreter English to Spanish and vice versa internationally as well. I am currently teaching private English and Spanish classes online and also in person in Granada, Spain want your english level!I will wait for you in my class! Thank you, Best regards, Marisela.AmelEnglish tutoring for everyone and all levels from baseHello everyone, I'm Amel English tutoring and I have a University Masters degree in English Literature. I offer individual English courses for all levels so that you can easily improve your English, in terms of method depends on the needs of the students into Arabic or French. Most importantly, the three skills of writing, speaking and listening are improvedPariIGCSE IB SAT AP A ONLINE MATHS SCIENCE CHEMISTRY PHYSICS TEACHING - MATHS CURRICULUM - ALGEBRA CALCULA200+ practice questions from each topic. Complete practice and test review for past papers. 15 Mock Tests of Past Papers with 1000+ Questions on Past Papers Booklet for Student Review and Practice.1. Former Paper Brochure/Soft Copy2. Government Awarded IB/IGCSE/ALevels Trainer3. TopicWise Notes and TopicWise Past Paper Practice.4. ATP Practice Papers for IGCSE.5. GDC practice with GDC Casio Practice Manual.6. Keyword practice according to MarkScheme.7. Strict past practice before final exams. Taught by students from USA/Canada/Middle East/UK/IndiaBarisPrivate French lessons for beginners and non-French speakers; General Culture & Written Expression, Pronunciation & FLE ConversationOnline or at home, I offer French lessons mainly to non-French speakers at beginner or higher level. In order to make progress in French, I adapt the lessons to the student's expectations and needs. We certainly focus on pronunciation, grammar, but also on the visible and hidden cultural aspects of French society that will further help the student to communicate better and use their linguistic tools. I motivate the student to mobilize his knowledge (knowledge) and his language skills (know-how) by offering him exercises from everyday life. (Situations, News, Newspaper Articles, Podcasts, Music, etc.) For college students, we review methodology, written expression, and general culture... We resume classes, focusing on the concepts they want to deepen. understanding and analyzing a text; Writing a dissertation: keywords, phrases, logical connections; the construction of an idea: introduction, development, thesis, antithesis, synthesis and conclusion; References, quotes...
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