The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (2023)

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (1)

Arvanitia-Strand, Nafplion

If you are staying in Nafplion (which you should!) then Arvanitia beach is the closest and easiest beach to visit. You can get there on foot from the town, especially around the scenic headland.

The beach is made up of small rocks and pebbles, so you'll need your reef shoes and it's worth hiring a sun lounger, but the water is clear and calm. There is a nice bar and restaurant on the waterfront calledBlauer WhiteThis can get quite busy, so it's worth booking in advance.

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Overnight in Nafplio

Nafplio is a beautiful coastal town that makes a great base for exploring the Argolis region. There are plenty of small, charming hotels and B&Bs to choose from, but almost no large chain hotels, which adds to its appeal.

For couples

Gambello Roomsis right on the edge of the old town and just a few meters from the port. It offers beautifully furnished rooms in a converted neoclassical mansion at very good prices. Be sure to book a room with a balcony at the front.

For families and groups

Anemos-Zimmerare independent apartments in the new town, but very well equipped.

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (2)


Tolo is a newer town than Nafplion and more beach oriented.

Therefore, there are numerous seasonal hotels and summer accommodations on offer. It is very popular with families as the water is very calm and clear and shallow.

Accommodation in Tolo.

For couples

Just outside of townPorto Assiniis right on Plaka Beach and is very quiet and romantic.

For families and groups

Villa Giovasia is a 2 bedroom house a few meters from the beach that can accommodate up to 8 people. It's very new, exceptionally clean and very comfortable.

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (3)

Porto Heli

(Bild von Porto Heli Holiday Villas)

Porto Heli is a popular tourist resort in the south-eastern part of Argolis, 40 km south-east of Nafplion.

It is one of the more cosmopolitan and upmarket destinations in Greece and is home to a number of luxury resorts including the incredible Amanzoe, the only Aman resort in Greece.

There is plenty to see and do in the area including a visit to the nearby Saronic Island of Spetses.

In this area you are spoiled for choice and can enjoy a new place to swim every day.

Beaches in and around Porto Heli include:

Blue Beach

A long, wide beach facing west. At the north end outside there are parasols for rentNorma beach liferestaurant andMaistraki-Taverne.

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Ververonta Beach

With clear, calm water and several beach bars

Paralia PortoHeli

The main beach of Porto Heli. It can get very crowded here and there are many boats and water sports in the bay. Popular with families with a variety of water sports and activities for hire.


A beautiful secluded beach on an uninhabited peninsula with no houses or buildings nearby. No services but lots of shady trees.

Paralia Costa

The cleanest beach in the area, this beach doesn't have sunbeds or umbrellas but it does have a small sandy beach which is quite secluded.


This is one of 7 or 8 small beaches in a row, all winding around small coves as if a giant had taken a bite off the shore. You can happily hop from beach to beach along the narrow coastal roads and lanes, although apart from Petrothalassa and Paralia Mpourloto most lack any services or amenities.

Paralia Lepitsa

A small, pretty beach on the west coast about 20 minutes drive from Porto Heli. Safe and quiet for children with umbrellas for hire at the south end cafe.

Where to stay in Porto Heli

There are many hotels in Porto Heli and the surrounding region of Ermioni.

For couples

Hafen panoramais situated in a quiet spot on top of a hill with incredible views across the bay to Spetses. They also have a wonderful infinity pool.

If you have the budget, stick with itAmanzoewill blow your mind. Regarded as the most exclusive resort in all of Greece, it is highly sought after and often fully booked.

For families and groups

Aloe luxury apartmentshave self-contained apartments and are beautifully appointed.

Nautical Bay Hotelis very popular with families and offers a wide range of activities such as sailing, kayaking and mini golf.

Beaches in Elafonisos

Elafonisos is a small island off the Laconia peninsula southeast of Nafplion. It's a short ferry ride from the tiny coastal village of Punta.

It is only 19 square kilometers and houses around 1000 people.

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (4)


Okay, alsotechnicalSimos Beach is located on a small island off the mainland, but it is too beautiful not to be included in our list of the best beaches in the Peloponnese. Plus, it can be reached with a short boat ride, so it's certainly easy to add it to your Peloponnese itinerary.

Simos Beach is the kind of place you dream of when vacationing in Greece.

Those who make their way over to Simos Beach usually return raving about the crystal clear water, which glitters almost sky blue in some places. Of course, the other key ingredient to a stunning beach is powder-soft sand – and Simon Beach has plenty of that.

The beach is flanked by sand dunes that form a natural barrier even in windy conditions. This, coupled with the shallow water, makes Simos Beach one of the best beaches in the Peloponnese for children and families.

Thanks to its modest size, Skoutari Beach doesn't get quite as busy as some of the others on this list, although it's still quite popular.

A stone's throw from the water you will find a lovely taverna - it may look unassuming, but the view and the food are exquisite.

Where to stay on Elafonisos

There are a few small hotels and guesthouses on the island and severalGood Airbnbs.

For couples
Double Bay Strandhotelis only 150 meters from Sarakaniko Beach and 1.2 km from Simos Beach. It is a modern boutique hotel with a luxurious atmosphere. They have a great restaurant and a lovely pool with beautiful gardens.

For families and groups

Airbnbs offer the best value for money on the island for groups and longer stays with a range ofexcellent propertiesfor rent.

Laconia Beaches

Laconia is one of the largest regions of the Peloponnese. It lies to the south and includes the two middle "fingers" plus Sparta, the capital.

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There are many beautiful beaches in Laconia, including some much photographed and Instagrammed places.

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (5)


Proving that bigger isn't always better, tiny Skoutari Beach is sure to leave a lasting impression.

The beach is quite small (especially at low tide) and in many places rocky rather than sandy. Nonetheless, it sits proudly on this list of beautiful beaches in the Peloponnese.

What makes Skoutari Beach so enchanting is the cluster of delightful historic buildings that flank it.

There are a few fishermen's cottages as well as a beautiful but modest church. These buildings add to Skoutari Beach's charisma and make it a favorite among photographers.

Thanks to its modest size, Skoutari Beach doesn't get quite as busy as some of the others on this list, although it's still quite popular.

A stone's throw from the water you will find a lovely taverna - it may look unassuming, but the view and the food are exquisite.

Accommodation in Skoutari

Kavoulakos Studios(Lower middle class)

Skoutari-Bungalows(middle class)

For groups, Domaine Papakonstantis offers sea-view apartments for up to 6 people.

Mavrovouni-Strand (Gytheio)

With a length of more than seven kilometers, Mavrovouni Beach is one of the largest beaches in the Peloponnese. Its sheer size is quite spectacular, and the mountains and rolling hills in the distance only add to its dramatic flair.

Most of the beach is rather rocky, with long stretches of coarse sand. In the summer months you will find parasols on large stretches of the beach, which offer some respite from the sun.

Along the beach you can also find some taverns, cafes and bars and the prices are quite good.

A unique feature of Mavrovouni Beach is that during turtle season, sea turtles (Caretta caretta) use the beach to lay eggs. Local volunteers do a great job protecting the turtles and it is certainly exciting to see a mother or her young.

It can be windy on Mavrovouni beach, especially in the afternoon. While slightly less than ideal for nervous swimmers, it's great for windsurfers and kitesurfers who will love the adrenaline rush of gliding across the sea here.

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (6)

Valtaki/Selinitsa Strand (Gytheio)

Valtaki Beach (sometimes mistakenly called Selinitsa) is a beautiful Blue Flag beach with a pretty cool feature - a giant shipwreck just a stone's throw from the sand.

While some might argue that the rusting tanker is a nuisance to an otherwise beautiful beach, it certainly adds a unique element to this Peloponnese beach.

As well as being a very dramatic and somewhat eerie addition to the beach, the shipwreck is also a favorite of mystery lovers.

There are many theories as to why the Dimitrios ran aground on Valtaki Beach and was abandoned, from escaping smugglers to spooky ghost ships to (the decidedly less fun) financial problems.

Whatever the truth behind the shipwreck, Valtaki Beach is a great place to explore, and you can get a look at the wreck as well.

The beach is just one kilometer from Gytheio, a charming little port town where you will find many cafes, restaurants and shops.

Accommodation in Gytheio

For couples and singles

Mareggio Exclusive Residences & SuitesHidden in the secret bay of Selinitsa, close to Gythion port and surrounded by the natural beauty of Mani region and Mount Taygetos. It is an intimate hotel for nature lovers, couples and families.

Der Olivenhofis set in a beautiful olive grove with panoramic views of the gulf. It's a brand new hotel with nice high-end furniture.

For families and groups

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Aktaion Resortis very popular with families and offers excellent value for money.beautiful horizonhave studio apartments for up to 4 people and are very close to the beach.

Plytras Beach (Plitra)

Looking for one of those postcard-perfect beaches? You will find it with Plytras Beach. White sand? Tick. Sparkling clear water? Tick. Parasols and even one or the other beach bar? Yes, it has that too - although there is also a large "free section" if you prefer to avoid organized beaches.

Plytras Beach is a large sandy beach near Plitra town. It's one of the Peloponnese's Blue Flag beaches and it's not hard to see why. This really is the kind of place to spend a wonderful afternoon (or many) lounging around.

Although like many Greek beaches it can be a bit windy, its horseshoe shape means it's naturally well-sheltered, making it popular with families.

Also contributing to Plytras' family-friendly appeal is the fact that there is always a lifeguard on duty during the summer months and the fact that the water is very shallow.

Accommodation in Plitra

Plitra is a tiny town with only a few hotels.

Princess Kyniska suitesis a luxury hotel on the outskirts of town and has a beautiful view over the bay.

OtherwiseCosta Rampaneis a lovely boutique hotel in the heart of the village, suitable for both families and couples.

Messenian beaches

Messinia is another regional entity in the Peloponnese and is located in the extreme west of the region.

It makes up much of the 4th “finger” and includes the beautiful municipalities of Mani and Messini, as well as the capital, Kalamata.

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (7)


Limeni is one of the prettiest coastal villages in all of Greece and gets a lot of photographs for good reason.

It is quite small, made up of a number of converted stone houses and mansions winding around a small bay with crystal clear azure waters.

There are only a handful of cafes and tavernas and all are excellent.

While not a "beach" per se, there are various swim platforms, some with ladders to help you access the water, and it really is a magical place. This would very soon be in our top 10 places to return to in Greece!

Accommodation in Limeni

There are few places to stay in Limeni itself with a few other options in nearby Aeropoli and the surrounding area.

Staying in the village itself is a wonderful experience with few people at night, although we enjoyed a wonderful stay at the brand new hotelAria Suites and Spaalso in the hills above. Incredible views and beautiful rooms!

For couples

Mavromichalaiis a charming small luxury waterfront hotel set in a restored 18th Century tower house and is in high demand.Vasilios Apartment Hotelis our other choice which has impressive views of the hill above and is slightly less expensive.

For families and groups

Sofia Limenihas a superior family suite for 8 people with 2 bunk beds. It is set in a converted stone house and has wonderful water views right in the heart of the village.

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (8)


5 minutes drive north of Lemeni is Paralia Itilo, a wide, organized beach with plenty of sunbeds and service from the nearby cafes and taverns.


The water here isn't as calm or clear as in Limeni as it's much more exposed but if you're looking for a sun lounger, umbrella and good cheap food on the beach with very friendly service it's still a nice place to go to spend a few hours.

Sunbeds in 2019 were incredibly free when you order from a cafe. The girl seemed quite amazed that we were expecting a payment!

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (9)

Foneas Beach (Kardamili)

The absolutely enchanting beach of Foneas may not be the largest in the Peloponnese, but it is certainly one of the most magical.

What it lacks in size it makes up for in intrigue, with sea caves dotted around its edges. It's the perfect place to start exploring (safe of course!).

The beach itself is rocky, not sandy, but you have the blindingly clear sea to admire and jump into.

Just note that the water at Foneas Beach gets very deep quickly, so it's not the best choice for nervous swimmers or families.

For now, while the mystery is gradually being revealed, Foneas Beach remains a hidden gem among this list of Peloponnese beaches (except in August, when few beaches escape the crowds).

Accommodation in Kardamili

There are some good accommodation options in this area with some very charming and reasonably priced hotels in Kardamili.

Katikies Manis Suitenhave luxurious rooms on the top of the hill overlooking Kardamili Bay.

Lithos guest houseis just a short walk from the beach and offers beautiful views of the seaTrisiliois a small house in the mountains above town that is both budget friendly and ideal for small families.

Romanos (Pylos, near Petrochori)

Located about ten kilometers from the town of Pylos, Romanos Beach is one of the most popular in the Peloponnese.

Due to its popularity (and large hotel nearby), this beach isn't ideal if you're looking for peace and quiet - but if you prefer your beaches busy and lively, it's a good choice.

Thanks to its popularity, the beach has a lively atmosphere with plenty of amenities nearby.

At one end of the beach, many parasols are lined up in neat rows in summer - perfect for a day in the sun. Walk a little further and you'll find more families playing in the sand away from the umbrellas and cocktails.

A beautiful horseshoe-shaped beach, a highlight of Romanos Beach is the soft sand and relatively calm water conditions. If you're lucky, you might also see some sea turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs.

Where to stay near Romanos

Das Westin Resort, Costa Navarinois one of the premier hotels in Greece and is set in grounds with a world-class golf course and beautiful gardens and swimming pools.

In PylosHotel Philipis a charming little hotel with stunning views over the harbour.

The best beaches of the Peloponnese | Greece travel secrets (10)

Voidokilia Strand (Petrochori)

It is impossible to have a list of the best beaches in Peloponnese without including Voidokilia beach. In fact, many visitors to this little slice of heaven report that it's the best in Greece and maybe even further afield.

So what is all the fuss about? One look at the pictures of this dazzling beach will surely give you an idea.

A perfect crescent shape, in fact it is the shape of the Greek letter Omega. Perfect white sand surrounds the central water, which is a myriad of iridescent shades of blue.

It ranges from a deep navy blue in the center to brilliant cyan at the edges, making it an absolutely spectacular sight to behold.

It's no surprise that the beautiful Voidokilia's reputation has spread across Europe and beyond.

Though its fairly remote location keeps some of the crowds away, you certainly won't be lonely here - especially in August, which is peak tourist season. However, sharing is a small price to pay to enjoy this beautiful beach.

Accommodation in Petrochori

The hotels near Romanos Beach can serve Petrochori just as well. Most people usually stay overnight in Pylos or in one of the many hotels and resorts dotted around the surrounding coast and countryside.

Other options to check out are Navarone Villas andZoe seaside resort.

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