Things to Do in Cape Coral: The Best Attractions and Places to Visit (2023)

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Everyone called itWaterfront Wonderlandwhen it was founded in 1957: a city that was to arise and develop on a network of navigable canals. We could define Cape Coral asa modern Venice, designed with the precise intention of being a beautiful city, pleasant to live in and attractive to tourism. Along withFort Myers,It forms a large metropolitan area of ​​over half a million people, the largest in Southwest Florida.

Cape Coral may be a less popular stopover than others, but it's certainly interesting for a round tripsunshine state. Facing the Lagoon, it has no shoreline with any of themost beautiful beaches in Florida, but only a stone's throw away are the fascinating sandy beaches ofStrand von Fort Myers,Sanibel IslandandCaptiva-Insel. Therefore it can be a good starting point for a day at the beach during a road trip. Let's discover themThe best things to do in Cape Coral!


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    • Cape Coral Parks and Natural Attractions
  • Restaurants in Cape Coral
  • Accommodations in Cape Coral

How to get to Cape Coral

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Cape Coral is well connected to all major locations in Florida. It may beeasy to reach by carboth following the coast from the north - for exampleTampaandSt. Petersburg— or from the interior, if you're assumingOrlando, and from the rest of the state through nearby Fort Myers.

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As we always say, the best way to get around in Florida is by car, considering that the main attractions are the natural areas and the beaches, which are not always connected by public transport. However, it is possiblemove between cities by busand there are several connections to Cape Coral. The LeeTran buses in particular provide extensive service between Fort Myers and Cape Coralon this pageWe've outlined how to get to Fort Myers by bus from other Florida cities.

As for thatbest timeto visit these parts if you have read our article aboutFloridas Klima, you already have an idea of ​​the weather conditions to expect and you've already realized that winter is the best time of year to visit the entire state. Although the west coast is less prone to extreme summer weather than the east, it is always preferable to choose the dry weather period.

The winter months host the city's most important events, making this place come alive and making your stay even more enjoyable. In January, for example, there is theCape Coral Sound of Arts & Musik, an artistic event where different genres of music - from blues to gospel, jazz and rock 'n' roll - form the backdrop for exhibitions of paintings and sculptures, photo exhibitions, craft markets and much more.

In February there is an interesting naturalistic event thatBurrowing Owl Festival in Southwest Florida. The occasion is the nesting of owls, around which conferences, photo tours, bird watching and other thematic initiatives are organized. Back to the music thatCape Coral Sound von Jazz & Bluesin March brings a series of shows organized outdoors in the green spaces of the city. ThatOktoberfest, organized by the German community in the fall, is a different type of event, while in December theholiday boat light Paradecolors the canals with a grand parade of boats lit up with colored lights.

Activities in Cape Coral

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We said it at the beginning:Cape Coral is not an ancient citySo let's forget about the historical sights that can be found in other places. It came into being as a residential city and has also developed as such in the few decades of its existence, but although its center cannot be compared with that of other cities, it has one thing that makes it special:the canals. In particular, ride with meCape Harbour, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods: it's very green, full of restaurants and shops, with a nice pedestrian walkway along the canal.

Cape Coral Parks and Natural Attractions

If you are planning a trip to Florida, you will have already guessed it: In this stateNature is the boss, even a stone's throw from the main cities. Cape Coral is no exception and in addition to being a city nestled in a natural lagoon context, it is also close to several sites of natural interest.

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Let's start right in the heart of the urban area, on the banks of theCaloosahatchee Flowthat separates Cape Coral from Fort Myers: Find them hereFour Mile Cove Ecological Reserve. This park can only be reached on foot, following a series of boardwalks and trails through the trees and mangroves, reaching wildlife viewing points.

You can encounter various birds such as herons, ibises and eagles as well as raccoons and other animals. The only means of transportation that can be used inside and rented here are kayaks, which are perfect for getting around on the waterways between the mangroves. This park is north of it and separated only by a canalRosenpark, where you can also take pleasant walks, but in a more developed environment.

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Things to Do in Cape Coral: The Best Attractions and Places to Visit (3)

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At the southern end of town, right where the river meets the lagoon, we findRotary Park Environmental Center. This large, verdant park is home to many shorebirds, and thanks to the Glover Bright Trail, you can hike through it to discover its beauty. One of the strangest things to see is a "butterfly house" where you can see these beautiful and colorful insects up close.

West of town, between Cape Coral and Pine Island (an island connected to the mainland by a bridge), is one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in this part of Florida:Matlacha Pass Water Conservation Area. The closest part to the city and therefore more easily accessibleSirenia Vista Park, where you can meet manatees, among other things. These peaceful marine mammals are one of the most distinctive species you can encounter in Florida, as they live almost exclusively in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean.

ThatYacht club community parkis a different type of area, less a natural area and more a beautiful public park by the water where, among other things, several municipal events take place. There is a picnic area with grills and more, but what is worth visiting is the pier where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset. Hands down one of the best places in Cape Coral to watch the sunset.

Rent a bike in Cape Coral

Restaurants in Cape Coral

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There are many restaurants in Cape Coral, from fast food to high-end restaurants. If you want to stay in the middle of the market and taste Caribbean cuisine go toslate(4820 Candia St.), which also has jazz music at Sunday brunch. See evening musicCrossroads Grill & Lounge(211 Hancock Bridge Pkwy), a pub where you can eat cheaply and listen to local bands.

A good American diner isMel's Dinner(1331 N.E. Pine Island Rd.), where you'll spend little and get large portions. In addition to lunch and dinner featuring burgers, grilled meats, and other American fare, it's also open for breakfast featuring waffles, muffins, omelets, and other sweet and savory items.

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There are also great burgers and good beer in the UrigenFords Garage(1719 Cape Coral Pkwy E.), a restaurant dedicated to the famous automaker. A vintage car hangs from the ceiling above the bar. If you're looking for somewhere special with a view of the bay, give this a tryBoat House Tiki Bar and Grill(5819 Driftwood Pkwy) which, with its beachfront stilt deck, is perfect for those who enjoy ocean views.

Accommodations in Cape Coral

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Cape Coral is full of hotelsand accommodation for one or more nights in different price ranges. The link to all the hotels in the city is below, but here are some tips to stay on the safe side.

  • Westin Cape Coral Resort im Marina Village. Starting with the resorts, this is one of the best, with large rooms and suites, pools and spa, fitness center and tennis court, bar and bistro. Located on the south shore of the city, it offers beautiful views of the Caloosahatchee River Estuary.
  • Hideaway Waterfront Resort & Hotel. Another great resort, this time downtown. It doesn't have the same view as the previous one, but in its favor it has its central location and a heated outdoor pool, in addition to the barbecue area and jetty (useful if you rent a boat to get around the city's canals).
  • Holiday Inn Express Cape Coral-Fort Myers Area. Going down the star count we find this hotel which is more modest than the above but still good for a night on the town. Like all hotels in the chain, it has the basic necessities, but also a swimming pool and gym.
  • holiday apartment. For a longer stay in Cape Coral, vacation rentals are the ideal solution, and there are plenty here. There are all types, very nice on average, and many have a pool. If you are planning to use Cape Coral as a base for a multi-day vacation, you should give this solution serious consideration.

Search all hotels in Cape Coral

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What is Cape Coral best known for? ›

Cape Coral is known for its 400 miles of canals, and some refer to it as a “Waterfront Wonderland,” because it has more miles of canals than anywhere else in the world. In fact, most of them are navigable and will take you to the Caloosahatchee River, Matlacha Pass and the Gulf of Mexico beyond.

Which part of Cape Coral is the best? ›

One of the region's most popular areas is the Cape Coral community, located across the Caloosahatchee River from Fort Myers. With just short drives to some of the area's best beaches and fishing, homes across the price spectrum, and excellent community amenities, it's easy to see why.

Is Cape Coral worth visiting? ›

Renowned Gulf Coast beaches, verdant golf courses and family attractions like the popular Sun Splash Family Waterpark make Cape Coral an appealing destination for visitors.

What is Cape Coral like to visit? ›

A nice fishing pier and river beach at the Yacht Club, Easy access to Matlacha or Pine Island and Fort Myers is just... “Wonderful Experience!” Cape Coral is a small city located close to so many fun things to do and see as well as great dining venues.

Do any famous people live in Cape Coral? ›

Bob Seger has lived here for nearly three decades. Other were raised here, including rising musical star Dominic Fike who grew up in Naples and sings of Fort Myers in his 2018 hit "3 Nights" when he refers to "the City of Palms."

Is Cape Coral a fun town? ›

With it's abundance of natural areas to commune with nature and wildlife, a fabulous water park, amazing restaurants, and some amazing beaches of its own, Cape Coral makes a perfect multi-generational family destination and southwest Florida vacation with kids.

Does Cape Coral have a boardwalk? ›

Rotary Park Environmental Center, Cape Coral, Florida

Visitors are able to appreciate the land through a variety of walking trails, boardwalks, and open parks.

Is there a downtown area in Cape Coral? ›

Cape Coral Parkway is in the heart of downtown South Cape, with restaurants, hotels, shopping, and fun festivals! The tree-lined boulevard is one of our city's main thoroughfares, starting at the Cape Coral Bridge. It heads west, going through commercial and then residential zones.

What beach do you go to in Cape Coral? ›

There are many beaches in the state of Florida for people to enjoy, two of which can be found in the City of Cape Coral. The main beach is located within the Yacht Club Community Park on the southeast corner of Cape Coral at the end of Driftwood Pkwy.
Beaches & Boating.
Boat Ramp Locations:Zone #:
Yacht Club1957
4 more rows

Why is Cape Coral Florida so cheap? ›

Cape Coral tends to have lower real estate prices than other regions in Florida. There are several reasons, including a lack of high-paying jobs in the region, vulnerability to hurricanes, and a general lack of economic opportunity in the area.

How far is Ocean from Cape Coral? ›

Situated around 12 miles from Cape Coral, the Lovers Key Beach is one of the most remote in the area. Located on the gulf side of the island, this secluded beach was once only accessible by boat. Today, you can reach the beach via the boardwalk, or by tram.

Can you swim Cape Coral beach? ›

Some of Florida's best beaches are found near Cape Coral, so it's definitely a fine place to visit if you're looking for a Florida beach adventure. Whether you're interested in shelling, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, kayaking, or another kind of beach activity, you'll find what you need in the Cape Coral area.

Is Cape Coral FL rich? ›

Southeast Cape Coral

Like the southwest quarter, the coastal neighborhoods to the southeast are among the most affluent in Cape Coral. Bordering the Caloosahatchee River and Fort Myers, the median home prices in Bayshore and other nearby neighborhoods come in just shy of $550,000.

What is the coldest month in Cape Coral Florida? ›

The coldest month of the year in Cape Coral is January, with an average low of 56°F and high of 74°F.

Where do most celebrities live in Florida? ›

Celebrities Who Live in Florida
  • A-Rod and J. Lo, Miami.
  • John Travolta, Ocala.
  • Serena Williams, Jupiter.
  • Elle Macpherson, Coral Gables.
  • Emeril Lagasse, Miramar Beach.
  • Tiger Woods, Jupiter.
  • John Cena, Land O' Lakes.
  • Judy Blume, Key West.
3 Jan 2022

Where do a lot of celebrities live? ›

Celebrities can be found in all kinds of places in the US and abroad, but the highest concentration of famous people is still in Hollywood Hills.

What celebrities live in Cape Town? ›

From Hollywood royalty Sean Penn and Orlando Bloom, to the British royal family, Cape Town makes an ideal celebrity hunting ground. Katie Holmes, Charlize Theron, Sean Penn and Oprah are some of the famous faces, who call Mount Nelson home when in The Mother City.

What is the nicest place in Cape Town? ›

Table Mountain, Boulders Beach, Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, Kirstenbosch, Cape Point, Castle of Good Hope, Bo-Kaap, Clifton Beach, Muizenberg Beach, Robben Island, etc. are the top sightseeing spots in Cape Town.

What is the nicest town in Florida? ›

Read on for the Best Places to Live in Florida, counting down to the top spot.
  • Port St. ...
  • Daytona Beach. ...
  • Pensacola. ...
  • Tampa. Best Places 2022-2023 Rank: 39. ...
  • Jacksonville. Best Places 2022-2023 Rank: 24. ...
  • Melbourne. Best Places 2022-2023 Rank: 20. ...
  • Naples. Best Places 2022-2023 Rank: 12. ...
  • Sarasota. Best Places 2022-2023 Rank: 9.

Are there alligators in Cape Coral canals? ›

Cape Coral has its fair share of alligators, and for the most part, live their own quite lives in the numerous canals in the City.

Is Ocean Reef Park free? ›

Ocean Reef Park is free to enter, so you can have a fun day out in Singer Island without opening your wallet.

Are there Dolphins in Cape Coral canals? ›

The canals are lively with wildlife – jumping jacks, snook, bottlenose dolphins, manatees – very entertaining.

What is being built in Cape Coral 2022? ›

Cape Coral Commons is under construction and scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2022. Plans for this site on the NW corner of Pine Island Rd. and Del Prado Blvd. include a First Watch, Firestone Subs, Crumbl Cookie, Love Boat Ice Cream, Mission BBQ, PJ's Coffee, and Tire Kingdom.

Is Cape Coral FL affordable? ›

While Florida is a cheaper place to live than other parts of the country, Cape Coral's cost of living is higher than the state average. Compared to nearby Fort Myers real estate, housing costs are 11% more expensive.

What is Cape Coral miserable mile? ›

The Miserable Mile is a stretch of super busy waterway near Ft Myers with an incredibly narrow channel. Powerboats fly this way and that, wakes churn the water, and straying from the channel even a few feet means running aground. In short, it's quite aptly named!

Is Cape Coral a beach town? ›

Life in Cape Coral, which is also known as the Waterfront Wonderland, revolves around water and water activities. Although there's only one beach, it features the Yacht Basin in the Yacht Club Community Park, which offers everything from pier fishing to shuffleboard courts.

What is the most beautiful beach in Cape Town? ›

The best beaches in Cape Town
  • STRAND. Regulars: ...
  • MNANDI (BLUE FLAG BEACH) Regulars: ...
  • FISH HOEK (BLUE FLAG BEACH) Regulars: ...
  • BOULDERS BEACH. Regulars: ...

Does Cape Coral have mosquitoes? ›

Salt Marsh Mosquitoes

The coastal areas generally have the most exposure to the salt marsh mosquito, areas like the southwest section of Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Fort Myers Beach, Bonita Beach, Naples (by the beach), Sanibel and Captiva islands.

Is the water in Cape Coral Blue? ›

With over 265 days of sunshine and beautiful weather year-round, there's no end to the outdoor entertainment to be enjoyed in Blue Water and surrounding Cape Coral.

Are Cape Coral canals saltwater? ›

Cape Coral's canal system is so extensive that local ecology and tides have been affected. There is just more than 100 miles of salt water and the remaining 300 miles is fresh water. Because of the breaches, some of the freshwater canals are now brackish water. This a mixture of fresh and salt water.

How long does it take to get to Disney from Cape Coral? ›

Yes, the driving distance between Cape Coral to Walt Disney World is 152 miles. It takes approximately 3h 10m to drive from Cape Coral to Walt Disney World.

Are there saltwater crocodiles in Cape Coral Florida? ›

Crocodiles are rare in Lee County waters. Only a few have been documented in recent decades. Males in the wild typically grow to 14 feet, according to the National Park Service.

Can you take coral from the beach in Florida? ›

Throughout the state of Florida, the collection of stony corals, fire corals, and the octocorals Gorgonia flabellum and G. ventalina (common sea-fans) is prohibited. The collection of octocoral species is restricted.

Is Cape Coral water hard? ›

Based on the levels of these constituents in our water, it is considered (by industry standards) to be in the range of soft to moderately hard.

What are the cons of living in Cape Coral Florida? ›

Cons of Living in Cape Coral:
  • Summers are Humid: Subtropical weather is great for the other season but not good in summer. ...
  • Heavy Storms: ...
  • Flooding Risk: ...
  • Car Dependability: ...
  • Less Interesting for Youth: ...
  • Expensive Waterfront Area: ...
  • Pest Control Requirement: ...
  • Traffic Jam:

Is Cape Coral a buyers or sellers market? ›

Rocket Mortgage reports that Cape Coral is still very much a seller's market, even if it is adjusting. The median sales price in July 2022 was up 30% from July 2021, and the average days on the market in June 2022 was 18.

Why is Cape Coral called Cape coma? ›

On first sight Cape Coral, or Cape Coma, as it is sometimes called because of its large population of pensioners who spend their retirement in the sun of Florida, does not seem to fulfil our expectations as an ideal vacation destination. Cape Coral is a quite new city that has been formed on a drawing board.

Does Cape Coral have alligators? ›

Cape Coral has its fair share of alligators, and for the most part, live their own quite lives in the numerous canals in the City. But as with other wildlife, as the population grows, so does the problems with alligators.

Why is the water so dark in Cape Coral? ›

Cape Coral neighbors have started to notice the water in the canals around their houses beginning to turn dark. It's all due to algae buildup, turning the water into a brown murky mess.

How far is the beach from Cape Coral FL? ›

Situated around 12 miles from Cape Coral, the Lovers Key Beach is one of the most remote in the area. Located on the gulf side of the island, this secluded beach was once only accessible by boat. Today, you can reach the beach via the boardwalk, or by tram.

Is Cape Coral or Fort Myers better? ›

Fort Myers ranked No. 5 in the nation in's 2021 list of Top 10 Cities people are moving to by ratio, with a net growth of 64.9% over the past year. Cape Coral followed at No. 8, with a net growth of 58.6%.

What is the average household income in Cape Coral Florida? ›


What is the hottest real estate market in Florida? ›

The Best Real-Estate Markets study compared 300 cities, grading them on a 100-point scale for 17 different economic and real estate factors, including housing affordability, median days on market, foreclosure rate and more. With an overall score of 70.89, Port St. Lucie was the highest-ranking Florida municipality.

Can you swim in the canals at Cape Coral? ›

Is It Safe to Swim in Cape Coral Canals? Short answer – No. There are quite a few different kinds of canals – freshwater, Gulf access water, and sailboat access So is it safe to swim in all of the Cape Coral Canals? No.

How much does a seawall cost in Cape Coral? ›

There will also be changes for freshwater locations and their seawalls in the context of structural reinforcements. From March 1st, 2022 on these seawalls will also become more expensive and will probably start at around $20,000 to $25,000.


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