Uhaul 9ft Cargo Van | Dimensions, height, rent (2023)

The U-Haul Cargo Van is one of the best transporter options you can get.

It is very functional for different purposes like deliveries, moving or simply moving light items from one place to another.

Vans are roomy, with the perfect height and width to accommodate items better than many other truck types such as panel vans.

Another thing you will like about vans is that they are very easy to maneuver compared to trucks or trailers.

The size of the van gives you the functionality of larger vehicles while keeping you in line with most weight and height restrictions on the road.

Several detailsvia the U-HaulDelivery trucks are highlighted in this article so that you know exactly what you are getting with this delivery truck.

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U-Haul 9 Ft Cargo Van Dimensions and Features

The U-Haul Cargo Van has a very large space and a unique construction.

It is important to know the exact dimensions and features of the van so you can determine if the van is right for you or fit for the intended use.

The dimensions and some features are:

Inside dimensions:9’6″ L, 5’7″ B, 4’8″ H

External dimensions:18'7" L, 5'1" W and 4'1" H (without tires)

Deck height from ground:2’5″

Cover length:9’6”

Opening the back door:5'1" B, 4'1" H

curb weight:4,667 pounds.

Maximum total weight of the vehicle: 8,550 pounds.

Maximum loading capacity:3,880 pounds.

Volume:245 cu. ft.

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fuel tank capacity: 35 gallons.

Miles per gallon:16 MPG

Other properties:Seats for 2 adults, SRS/Airbags, Cruise Control, Air Conditioning, Automatic Transmission and AM/FM Stereo.

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How much does it cost to rent a van from U Haul?

Hiring a van with U Haul is convenient and easy, especially because the selection and reservation of the van can be done entirely online.

The rental rates for this van do not charge a fixed amount as the total charge depends on your rental terms.

One of the most important factors that determine pricing is duration, i. H. how long you will rent the van, also the mileage or distance traveled, tax fees, insurance fees etc.

U Haul has made this process easy as you can get a quote online even if the quote is not 100% accurate but it will give you a good idea of ​​how much you should be paying for your rental.

9ft van rental options

Another important thing to keep in mind when renting a van from U Haul is that the rental prices are divided into two types:

  • In-city moving rates that include a flat fee for the entire rental period and then additional fees based on miles traveled.
  • One-way moving prices determined based on a number of factors such as truck size, origin, destination and date of move. With this price type, you receive a specified mileage and a specified duration for the rental. Additional kilometers of duration would then incur additional costs.

For both fares, the minimum cost to rent a U-Haul van is $19.95, plus a $0.40/mile fee.

You can only get the exact price required when editing your reservation. However, let's go through other things you need to know about renting a van from U Haul so that you can enjoy a seamless experience


You can reserve your rental car by payingahead for the freight wagonvia U Haul's online process.Booking reservations are easy as the website includes a seamless walk-through process.

rental requirements

  • A valid driver's license.
  • Minimum age 16 years.
  • A credit card is mandatory for online reservations, but payment upon collection can be made in cash or by debit card.
  • Some additional documents for proof of identity and verification of details.

payment options

You can pay for your van upon collection by credit card, debit card or cash.

If you prefer to pay in cash, your debit or credit card will still be required before your rental can be processed.

In addition, reservations for your rental car can only be made with your credit card. U Haul requires that any card used must have the exact name used to rent a vehicle.

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How to rent

Now that you know what you need, how do you go about renting?

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When you go to one of the many U Haul locations, their customer service guides will walk you through the process. However, if you wish to reserve online, you must do the following:

  • Visit U Haul's website.
  • Navigate to the Cargo van option and fill in your information (address, zip code, etc.)
  • Choose how you would like to collect your van, either by going to the branch or using your mobile device to complete the process.
  • Select dollies, kits and consumables you may need.
  • Confirm the details of your order and then proceed to checkout.
  • Enter your credit card details and confirm your reservation.

Discounts and offers

Uhaul offers special rates on business and long-haul rentals and discounts on van rentals for additional miles or additional days.

What size can U Transport Cargo Van carry?

What fits in a 9ft van? A 9-foot van can hold items up to 3,880 pounds.

In general, the van is suitable for loading a studio apartment, small loads for deliveries or a college dorm.

The interior of the van can comfortably accommodate the combination of a double mattress, a medium-sized sofa or couch, two bedside tables and a medium-sized table, and there would still be room left.

Other items that fit in the U-Haul Transporter are a pencil box set, aQueen-Size-Bett, small/medium-sized couches or sofas, small or medium-sized wardrobes, etc.

U Haul Cargo Van Queen Mattress - How Do I Load and Fit My Bed!

Loading your queen-size mattress into U Haul Cargo's transporter might require a few extra measures, especially if it's not the only thing you're transporting.

However, if done correctly, it won't be too difficult to manage.

If you're just transporting the queen-size mattress, you can just lay it flat on the van's surface.

Otherwise, here are some of the things you can take note of when trying to load a queen-sized mattress into your van.

  • First place your mattress and box spring in a mattress bag; This is to ensure that they remain in good condition and are not easily damaged while driving.
  • You start with the box spring bed first; Place it in the van at a 45 degree angle from the back door and let it rest on the wall separating the driver and driverpassenger seats.
  • Place your mattress directly on the box spring bed.
  • You can load your other items in the space under the mattress and put the other items in the van through the passenger door side.

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U-Haul Cargo Van Interior

The inner dimensions of the U-Transporter are 9'6" x 5'7" x 4'8" (L/W/H). The cabin part of the van has seats for two, air conditioning, an AM/FM stereo and airbags.

And the fuel consumption?

Fuel economy simply refers to the number of miles a vehicle can travel per gallon of fuel. Vehicle manufacturers usually indicate each vehicle's gas mileage on its body.

U Haul's van has a gas mileage of 18 miles per gallon (also known as MPG) and has a tank size that can hold a maximum of 25 gallons; That means your van can travel 450 miles on a full tank of gas.

Knowing your truck's MPG is important as it will help you calculate the fuel costs required for your move and estimate the number of fuel stops you will need to make.

It's easy to calculate the amount and cost of the fuel you need. For example, if you travel 300 miles, add an additional 30-50 miles for variables that may occur, e.g. B. another route.

That would bring the total distance to about 350 miles.

Then simply divide 350 (total distance) by 18 (MPG) to get the number of gallons you would need for the trip. That would give you 19.4 gallons.

(Video) How to Load a Mattress into a Cargo Van

To get the cost of gasoline for your move, multiply the number of gallons by the cost of unleaded gasoline, keeping in mind that the price of a simple move can vary slightly from state to state.

It also means you only have to stop once to refuel your truck.

Here's an easy way to calculate your fuel costs;

Fuel Cost for a Move = (Estimated Distance in Miles/18) x Average Cost of Unleaded Gasoline

As per U-Haul standards, your van must be returned with a full tank of fuel or you will be charged some additional fees.

Using this formula would help you to easily determine the required amount of fuel that needs topping up.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers!

What does a U-Haul Cargo Van look like from the inside?

Unlike most other trucks, the Transporter can only accommodate two people. Aside from that, the van also has air conditioning, an AM/FM stereo and airbags.

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What is the height of an underground transporter?

The interior height of a U-transporter is 4'8”. Exterior height with tires is 7ft 2in and exterior height without tires is 4ft 1in.

How big is a uhaul van outside?

Externally, the Uhaul van is 7ft 2in in height by 4ft 2in in width. This includes all parts of the van, including the tires

How big is the gas tank of an underground transporter?

U-Haul Cargo Van has an unleaded fuel tank that holds up to 25 gallons. The van uses up to 18 miles per gallon and 450 miles per full tank.

Interior dimensions of a U-Haul versus a 10" pickup truck?

The interior dimensions of a subway van are 9'6' L x 4'8" H x 5'7" W, while the interior dimensions of the 10ft truck are 9'11' (L) x 6'3" (H) x 6 ft 4 in (B).

Will a queen size mattress fit in a van?

Yes onequeen sizeMattress fits U Haul van. The transporter can hold the mattress and still have room for other items.

Where can I rent a van with unlimited mileage?

Some of the rental car companies that offer unlimited mileage are Cargo Van Rental, Penske, and Car Rental Savers.

Are rental prices cheaper in Toronto?

U-Haul rental prices are not necessarily cheaper in Toronto, the minimum rental fees are the same and other factors such as distance, mileage, etc. determine the additional amount to be paid and not the country of rental.

What is the fuel type for subway vans?

U-Haul vehicles use only unleaded petrol/gasoline. Some U-Haul vehicles used to run on diesel, but that has now changed for most vehicles.

The Cargo vans in particular are now fueled with unleaded gas.

How much can this van hold?

The van's curb weight is 4677 lbs and the total vehicle weight is 8550 lbs, allowing the van to carry an additional 3,880 lbs and a volume of 245 cu. feet

This allows for charging equivalent to a college dorm, studio apartment, etc.

(Video) U-Haul Cargo Van Load Challenge

The van can fit a combination of a double mattress, a medium-sized sofa, two bedside tables and a medium-sized table and still have room left.

How many people can fit in a 9 U Haul Transporter?

A 9-foot U-Haul transporter only seats two people.

How much does it cost to rent a Uhaul van?

The cost of renting a Uhaul cargo van differs according to the specific details of each person's rental conditions.

The minimum cost is $19.95 but can go as high as $100; based on the terms of use agreed between you and the company.

How big is a uhaul van compared to a 10ft truck?

The Uhaul van is 4'8″ tall while the 10ft truck is 6′2″ tall.

Can you take a U-Haul Cargo Van out of the state?

Yes, Au-Haul vans can be taken out of a specific state with their one way option.

U-Haul has over 20,000 locations in different states, so any vehicle rented with the one-way relocation option can be returned to a different rental location in the selected state.

How long is a van in feet?

Uhaul Cargo Van is 9 feet and 6 inches long.

Can a uhaul van fit on a king size mattress?

No, a Uhaul van cannot accommodate a king size mattress. This is because a king-size mattress is about 76 inches wide, which is more than the van's 67-inch width.

What furniture fits in a Uhaul Van?

The Uhaul van accommodates a furniture combination of a queen-size mattress, a small couch, two bedside tables and a medium-sized table.

Other pieces of furniture that fit in the Uhaul van include a box spring bed, a twin bed, small/medium sized couches or sofas, small/medium sized wardrobes, etc.

Can I fit a couch and loveseat in a U Haul van?

Yes, a medium-sized couch or loveseat fits comfortably in a U-Transporter.

Does a van fit in a garage?

Yes, one of the great advantages of the U-Transporter is that it can be parked in a garage.

The average height for a standard garage door is about 8 feet, and a U-van is 7 feet 2 inches tall, meaning it would fit in perfectly.

How much weight can it carry?

The U-Haul has a gross weight of 8550 lbs and an empty weight of 4677 lbs.

Therefore, the van can carry an additional weight of 3,880 lbs.


Now you have all the important details and information for U-Haul transporters.

This van is your best choice if you don't have a lot of belongings or very heavy items to transport.The van is also among the easiest to handle truck-like vehicles.

Mileage is also better than most other vehicles with lower fuel consumption.

(Video) U-Haul Cargo Van Features

When you're ready to rent your van, make sure you meet all the requirements and take the time to review the terms of your contract with U Haul.


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